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MBK/84 Cover
Richard Evan Schwartz
This book guides readers on an accelerated tour through the number system, starting with small numbers and building up to ones too huge for names. Travel part of the way to infinity! …more
List Price: US$25
Member Price:US$20
STML/71 Cover
Joel Spencer
The objective of this book is to present, in a manner accessible to strong undergraduates and even talented high school students, the ideas of how to approach asymptotic problems that arise in discrete mathematics, analysis of algorithms, and number theory …more
List price: US$39
Member Price:US$31.20
CWORKS/19.7 Cover
Araceli Bonifant
This seventh volume in the series, together with the preceding Volume VI, contains all of Milnor's papers in dynamics through the year 2012 …more
List price:US$125
Member Price:US$100
MAWRLD/29 Cover
Margaret Cozzens and Steven J. Miller
A historical and mathematical tour of cryptography, from classical ciphers to quantum cryptography, which provides an exciting introduction to liberal arts students without losing mathematical completeness …more
List price: US$49
Member Price:US$39.20
GSM/145 Cover
Charles A. Weibel
A comprehensive introduction to the subject of algebraic K-theory that takes the reader from the basics of the subject to the state of the art …more
List price: US$89
Member Price:US$71.20
STML/67 Cover
Emily H. Moore and Harriet S. Pollatsek
The goal of this book is to serve prospective undergraduate researchers of difference sets as well as to provide a rich text for a senior seminar or capstone course in mathematics, with the hope that readers will acquire a solid foundation that will empower them to explore the literature on difference sets independently …more
List price:US$49
Member Price:US$39.20

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