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MBK/61 Cover
O. A. Ivanov
A collection of elementary problems and related theoretical material designed to help students and teachers appreciate mathematics …more
List Price: US$69
Member Price:US$55.20
MCL/3 Cover
Judith D. Sally and
Paul J. Sally, Jr.
Written for future and current middle school teachers, this book gives a firm foundation of concepts in plane and solid geometry with an emphasis on classroom activities …more
List price: US$39
Member Price:US$31.20
MBK/84 Cover
Richard Evan Schwartz
An engaging, strikingly illustrated journey through the infinite number system, for kids, parents and teachers, and anyone curious about Big Numbers …more
List price:US$25
Member Price:US$20
MAWRLD/5 Cover
David W. Farmer
A lively guide that uses carefully selected tasks to lead readers to the discovery of some real mathematics …more
List price: US$23
Member Price:US$18.40
MBK/79 Cover
Hung-Hsi Wu
A textbook for pre-service and current elementary school teachers that develops the basic facts about numbers from the beginning and thoroughly covers the subject matter for grades K through 7 …more
List price: US$79
Member Price:US$63.20
MCL/10 Cover
Judith D. Sally and
Paul J. Sally, Jr.
A comprehensive and careful study of the fundamental topics of K-8 arithmetic, which aims to help teachers understand the mathematical foundations of number theory in order to strengthen and enrich their mathematics classes …more
List price:US$39
Member Price:US$31.20

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