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MBK/84 Cover
Richard Evan Schwartz
This book guides readers on an accelerated tour through the number system, starting with small numbers and building up to ones too huge for names. Travel part of the way to infinity …more
Introductory Price: US$25
Member Price:US$20
SURV/195 Cover
Ching-Li Chai, Brian Conrad, and Frans Oort
An ideal illustration of how modern techniques in arithmetic geometry can be fruitfully combined with class field theory to answer concrete questions about abelian varieties …more
List price: US$100
Member Price:US$80
ULECT/59 Cover
Sylvie Paycha
A unified and self-contained mathematical treatment of various regularization techniques …more
List price:US$43
Member Price:US$34.40
SURV/194 Cover
Lasse Rempe-Gillen and Rebecca Waldecker
The authors introduce the aspects of number theory, algorithm theory, and cryptography that are relevant for the AKS algorithm and explain in detail why and how this test works …more
List price: US$45
Member Price:US$36
STML/67 Cover
Emily H. Moore and Harriet S. Pollatsek
The goal of this book is to serve prospective undergraduate researchers of difference sets as well as to provide a rich text for a senior seminar or capstone course in mathematics …more
List price: US$49
Member Price:US$39.20
GSM/19.R Cover
Lawrence C. Evans
The definitive text on partial differential equations, with a new chapter on nonlinear wave equations and a near doubling of exercises …more
List price:US$93
Member Price:US$74.40

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