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I. M. Gelfand Seminar
Edited by: Sergei Gelfand and Simon Gindikin

Advances in Soviet Mathematics
1993; 449 pp; hardcover
Volume: 16
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4117-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4117-4
List Price: US$164
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Order Code: ADVSOV/16
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This volume contains papers by participants in the celebrated seminar of I. M. Gelfand, which ran for more than forty years at Moscow State University. Among the authors are some of the world's most renowned mathematicians. The high scientific level of the articles makes this an important contribution to the literature.


Research mathematicians and graduate students.


"This book belongs on your permanent bookshelf, together with the encyclopedia."

-- The Bulletin of Mathematics Books and Computer Software

Table of Contents

Part 1
  • A. Beilinson and J. Bernstein -- A proof of Jantzen conjectures
  • A. Berenstein and A. Zelevinsky -- String bases for quantum groups of type \(A_r\)
  • S. G. Dani and G. A. Margulis -- Limit distributions of orbits of unipotent flows and values of quadratic forms
  • B. Feigin and E. Frenkel -- Coinvariants of nilpotent subalgebras of the Virasoro algebra and partition identities
  • V. Ginzburg -- Induction and restriction of character sheaves
  • A. B. Goncharov -- Explicit construction of characteristic classes
  • M. Gromov and M. A. Shubin -- The Riemann-Roch theorem for elliptic operators
Part 2
  • V. Hinich and V. Schechtman -- Homotopy Lie algebras
  • M. M. Kapranov -- Chow quotients of Grassmannians. I
  • D. Kazhdan and H. Wenzl -- Reconstructing monoidal categories
  • M. Kontsevich -- Vassiliev's knot invariants
  • V. Serganova -- Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for Lie superalgebra \(\mathfrak {gl}(m\vert n)\)
  • A. N. Varchenko -- Hodge filtration of hypergeometric integrals associated with an affine configuration of general position and a local Torelli theorem
  • I. Zakharevich -- The second Gelfand-Dickey bracket as a bracket on a Poisson-Lie Grassmannian
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