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Singularities--Sapporo 1998
Edited by: Eiichi Bannai, Kyushu University, Japan, Jean-Paul Brasselet, Institut de Mathématique de Luminy, Marseille, France, and Tatsuo Suwa, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
A publication of the Mathematical Society of Japan.
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics
2000; 322 pp; hardcover
Volume: 29
ISBN-10: 4-314-10143-1
ISBN-13: 978-4-314-10143-1
Order Code: ASPM/29

This volume presents the proceedings of a meeting held in Sapporo (Japan) at Hokkaido University on singularities and arrangements of hyperplanes. Participants from the international community presented their research on singularities of curves, characteristic classes of singular varieties, \(D\)-modules, motives, resolution of singularities, Milnor fibration, Enriques diagrams, Hilbert schemes, and log-canonical singularities.

Volumes in this series are freely available electronically 5 years post-publication.

Published for the Mathematical Society of Japan by Kinokuniya, Tokyo, and distributed worldwide, except in Japan, by the AMS.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in several complex variables and analytic spaces and algebraic geometry.

Table of Contents

  • P. Aluffi -- Weighted Chern-Mather classes and Milnor classes of hypersurfaces
  • V. Blanloeil -- Cobordism of non-spherical knots
  • J.-P. Brasselet -- From Chern classes to Milnor classes -- A history of characteristic classes for singular varieties
  • J.-P. Brasselet and S. Yokura -- Remarks on bivariant constructible functions
  • J. Briançon, P. Maisonobe, and M. Merle -- Constructibilité de l'idéal de Bernstein
  • A. Campillo and J. Olivares -- Assigned base conditions and geometry of foliations on the projective plane
  • G. Gonzalez-Sprinberg -- Generalized Enriques diagrams and characteristic cones
  • S. Ishii -- The quotients of log-canonical singularities by finite groups
  • L. D. Tráng -- Geometry of complex surface singularities
  • D. Lehmann -- A Chern-Weil theory for Milnor classes
  • F. Loeser -- The Milnor fiber as a virtual motive
  • I. Nakai -- Elementary topology of stratified mappings
  • M. Oka -- Geometry of cuspidal sextics and their dual curves
  • T. Suwa -- Characteristic classes of coherent sheaves on singular varieties
  • H. Tokunaga -- Local types of singularities of plane curves and the topology of their complements
  • Program
  • List of participants
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