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Grundlagen der Analysis: Fourth Edition
Edmund Landau

AMS Chelsea Publishing
1951; 173 pp; softcover
Volume: 141
ISBN-10: 0-8284-0141-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8284-0141-8
List Price: US$32
Member Price: US$28.80
Order Code: CHEL/141
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Foundations of Analysis: Third Edition - Edmund Landau

Landau's classic book on the foundations of analysis is presented in its original German, with a German-English dictionary as an appendix. One intent of this edition is to provide the English-speaking mathematician with an opportunity to learn some mathematical German. Of course, a pleasant by-product is having Landau's exposition on the construction of the real numbers from the natural numbers using Dedekind cuts. The book is written in an extremely telegraphic style, with few words outside the "Theorem-Proof" motif, making the German notably simpler than in more advanced texts. Thus, the student who begins this book with little or no knowledge of German will gain the experience of successfully reading an entire book in mathematics and with it a feeling for the language and a well-ingrained mathematical vocabulary. (Note: The English edition of the book is available as Foundations of Analysis).


"A famous book by one of the most distinguished pure mathematicians of recent times ... can be read by anyone with almost no knowledge of German."

-- British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

  • Natürliche Zahlen
  • Brüche
  • Schnitte
  • Reelle Zahlen
  • Komplexe Zahlen
  • German-English Vocabulary
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