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Electrical Papers: Second Edition
Oliver Heaviside

AMS Chelsea Publishing
1970; 1147 pp; hardcover
Volume: 235
Reprint/Revision History:
first AMS printing 2003
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3463-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3463-3
List Price: US$115
Member Price: US$103.50
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The Electrical Papers, together with Electromagnetic Theory, constitute the Collected Papers of the great mathematical physicist.

Table of Contents

Vol. I
  • Comparing electromotive forces
  • Voltaic constants
  • On the best arrangement of Wheatstone's bridge for measuring a given resistance with a given galvanometer and battery
  • Sensitiveness of Wheatstone's bridge
  • On an advantageous method of using the differential galvanometer for measuring small resistances
  • On the differential galvanometer
  • On duplex telegraphy (Part I)
  • On duplex telegraphy (Part II)
  • Notes on Mr. Edison's electrical problem
  • On the resistance of galvanometers
  • On a test for telegraph lines
  • On the electrostatic capacity of suspended wires
  • On telegraphic signalling with condensers
  • On the extra current
  • On the speed of signalling through heterogeneous telegraph circuits
  • On the theory of faults in cables
  • On electromagnets, etc.
  • Magneto-electric current generators
  • On induction between parallel wires
  • Contributions to the theory of the propagation of current in wires
  • Dimensions of a magnetic pole
  • Theory of microphone and resistance of carbon contacts
  • The Earth as a return conductor
  • The relations between magnetic force and electric current
  • The energy of the electric current
  • Some electrostatic and magnetic relations
  • The energy of the electric current
  • The induction of currents in cores
  • Remarks on the Volta force, etc.
  • Electromagnetic induction and its propagation (first half)
Vol. II
  • On the electromagnetic wave-surface
  • Notes on nomenclature
  • Notes on the self-induction of wires
  • On the use of the bridge as an induction balance
  • Electromagnetic induction and its propagation (second half)
  • Some notes on the theory of the telephone, and on hysteresis
  • Electrostatic capacity of overground wires
  • Mr. W. H. Preece on the self-induction of wires
  • Notes on nomenclature
  • On the self-induction of wires
  • On telegraph and telephone circuits
  • On resistance and conductance operators, and their derivatives, inductance and permittance, especially in connection with electric and magnetic energy
  • On electromagnetic waves, especially in relation to the vorticity of the impressed forces; and the forced vibrations of electromagnetic systems
  • The general solution of Maxwell's electromagnetic equations in a homogeneous isotropic medium, especially in regard to the derivation of special solutions, and the formulæ for plane waves
  • Lightning discharges, etc.
  • Practice versus theory - electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic waves, the propagation of potential, and the electromagnetic effects of a moving charge
  • The mutual action of a pair of rational current-elements
  • The inductance of unclosed conductive circuits
  • On the electromagnetic effects due to the motion of electrification through a dielectric
  • Deflection of an electromagnetic wave by motion of the medium
  • On the forces, stresses, and fluxes of energy in the electromagnetic field
  • The position of \(4\pi\) in electromagnetic units
  • Index
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