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1980 Seminar on Harmonic Analysis
Edited by: Carl Herz and R. Rigelhof
A co-publication of the AMS and Canadian Mathematical Society.

Conference Proceedings, Canadian Mathematical Society
1981; 313 pp; softcover
Volume: 1
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1989
ISBN-10: 0-8218-6000-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-6000-7
List Price: US$28
Member Price: US$22.40
Order Code: CMSAMS/1
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Titles in this series are copublished with the Canadian Mathematical Society. Members of the Canadian Mathematical Society may order at the AMS member price.

Table of Contents

Lecture course
  • J. Arthur -- Automorphic representations and number theory
Representation Theory of Semi-Simple Lie Groups
  • B. E. Blank -- Embedding limits of discrete series of semi-simple Lie groups
  • J. Dadok -- The \(C^\infty\) Chevalley's theorem
  • S. S. Gelbart -- \(L\)-packets for \(SL_n\)
  • P. Gerardin -- On harmonic functions of symmetric spaces and buildings
  • R. A. Herb -- Discrete series character identities and Fourier inversion
  • J. Rosenberg -- \(L^2\)-cohomology and Lie algebra cohomology
  • W. Rossman -- \(R\)-groups and orbits
  • F. Shahidi -- On non-vanishing of \(L\)-functions for \(GL(n)\)
Differential and Pseudo-Differential Operators
  • R. Goodman -- Horospherical functions on symmetric spaces
  • T. Muramatu and M. Nagase -- \(L^2\)-boundedness of pseudo-differential operators with non-regular symbols
  • P. G. Rooney -- Conjugates connected with the generalized axially symmetric potential equation
  • J. C. Taylor -- An elementary proof of the theorem of Fatou-Naim-Doob
  • H. Widom -- Szegö's theorem and pseudo-differential operators
Harmonic analysis
  • J. Aczél -- Some good and bad characters I have known and where they led
  • J. J. F. Fournier -- Multilinear Grothendieck inequalities via the Schur algorithm
  • D. Gurarie -- Burnside type theorems for Banach representations of motion groups and algebras
  • H. P. Heinig -- Interpolation of quasi-normed spaces involving weights
  • P. Koosis -- Entire functions of exponential type as multipliers for weight functions
  • M. A. Rains -- A function which does not operate
  • E. T. Sawyer -- Weighted norm inequalities for fractional maximal operators
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