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Opera de Cribro
John Friedlander, University of Toronto, ON, Canada, and Henryk Iwaniec, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Colloquium Publications
2010; 527 pp; hardcover
Volume: 57
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4970-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4970-5
List Price: US$103
Member Price: US$82.40
Order Code: COLL/57
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This monograph represents the state of the art both in respect of coverage of the general methods and in respect of the actual applications to interesting problems.

A unique feature of this monograph is how the authors take great pains to explain the fundamental ideas behind the proofs and to show how to approach a question in a correct fashion. So, this book is not just another monograph useful for consultation; rather, it is a teaching instrument of great value both for the specialist and the beginner in the field.

The authors must be congratulated for this exceptional monograph, the first of its kind for depth of content as well as for the effort made to explain the `why' and not limiting themselves to the `how to'. This is a true masterpiece that will prove to be indispensable to the serious researcher for many years to come.

--Enrico Bombieri, Institute for Advanced Study

This is a truly comprehensive account of sieves and their applications, by two of the world's greatest authorities. Beginners will find a thorough introduction to the subject, with plenty of helpful motivation. The more practised reader will appreciate the authors' insights into some of the more mysterious parts of the theory, as well as the wealth of new examples. No analytic number theorist should be without this volume, but it will not have a place on my bookshelves--it will be permanently on my desk!

--Roger Heath-Brown, University of Oxford,Fellow of Royal Society

This is a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of sieve methods. The theory of the sieve is developed thoroughly with complete and accessible proofs of the basic theorems. Included is a wide range of applications, both to traditional questions such as those concerning primes, and to areas previously unexplored by sieve methods, such as elliptic curves, points on cubic surfaces and quantum ergodicity. New proofs are given also of some of the central theorems of analytic number theory; these proofs emphasize and take advantage of the applicability of sieve ideas.

The book contains numerous comments which provide the reader with insight into the workings of the subject, both as to what the sieve can do and what it cannot do. The authors reveal recent developments by which the parity barrier can be breached, exposing golden nuggets of the subject, previously inaccessible. The variety in the topics covered and in the levels of difficulty encountered makes this a work of value to novices and experts alike, both as an educational tool and a basic reference.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in number theory.


"Our understanding of sieves has improved greatly over the past 20 or 30 years, in large part due to the efforts of this book's authors, and proofs that use to take many pages in an almost incomprehensible notation can now be done cleanly in one page. This book does a good job of keeping the notation under control."

-- MAA Reviews

"Written by the two leading authorities on the subject, it contains a wealth of insights as well as a string of new results. ... The topics covered here are remarkably wide-ranging, as are the connections which the authors make. Indeed this book is not just a volume on sieves, but rather a treatise on analytic number theory more generally. As such it is recommended to everyone with an interest in the subject."

-- Mathematical Reviews

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