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Symposium on Algebraic Topology in Honor of José Adem
Edited by: Samuel Gitler

Contemporary Mathematics
1982; 357 pp; softcover
Volume: 12
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5010-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5010-7
List Price: US$46
Member Price: US$36.80
Order Code: CONM/12
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Table of Contents

  • S. Gitler -- José Adem's contribution to algebraic topology
  • J. F. Adams -- Graeme Segal's burnside ring conjecture
  • E. Antoniano -- Sections for bundles over projective spaces
  • L. Astey -- An integrality theorem for \(K\)-theory Chern classes
  • J. L. Arraut and D. Randall -- Index of tangent fields on compact manifolds
  • M. G. Barratt and W. R. Miller -- On the antiautomorphism of the Steenrod algebra
  • C. Boyer -- On the structure of supermanifolds
  • J. Bracho -- Strong classification of Haefliger structures
  • E. H. Brown -- Smooth \(n\)-manifolds immerse in \(R^{2n-\alpha(n)}\)
  • F. R. Cohen and M. E. Mahowald -- Unstable properties of \(\Omega^nS^{n+k}\)
  • D. M. Davis -- On the cohomology of \(MO\langle 8\rangle\)
  • A. Dold -- Fixed point theory and homotopy theory
  • M. Gutierrez -- On crossed modules
  • A. Haefliger and K. Sithanantan -- A proof that \(Br^c_1\) is 2-connected
  • J. H. V. Hunt -- Branched coverings as uniform completions of unbranched coverings
  • S. Y. Husseini -- Zeros of equivariant \(S^3\)-maps
  • J. P. Lin -- Some theorems about the mod 2 cohomology of a finite \(H\)-space
  • A. Liulevicus -- Finite \(G\) sets and Hopf algebras of representation rings
  • E. Lluis-Puebla -- On \(K_3\) of the dual numbers
  • W. S. Massey -- A generalization of the Alexander duality theorem
  • J. P. May -- Equivariant homotopy and cohomology theory
  • R. J. Milgram -- A survey of the compact space form problem
  • L. Montejano -- \(\beta\)-Homotopy equivalences
  • J. Morava -- Cohomology of some improper group actions
  • S. D. N. De Christ and F. Gonzalez -- A generalization of Fox's spread completion
  • F. P. Peterson -- Self maps of loop spaces of spheres
  • D. Ravenel -- Morava K. theories and finite groups
  • J. A. Seade -- Invariant framings of quotients of \(SL_2(R)\) by discrete subgroups
  • V. Snaith and J. Tornehave -- On \(\Pi^{\ast S}(BO)\) and the Arf invariant of framed manifolds
  • E. Spanier -- Cohomology isomorphisms
  • O. Valdivia -- \(S\)-productos vectoriales: Teoria algebraia y topologica
  • A. Verjovsky -- Cobordism of three dimensional spheres
  • S. Wilson -- Towards \(BP_\ast X\)
  • A. Zabrodsky -- Homotopy actions of nilpotent groups
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