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Azumaya Algebras, Actions, and Modules
Edited by: Darrell E. Haile and James Osterburg

Contemporary Mathematics
1992; 298 pp; softcover
Volume: 124
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5132-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5132-6
List Price: US$54
Member Price: US$43.20
Order Code: CONM/124
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This volume contains the proceedings of a conference in honor of Goro Azumaya's seventieth birhtday, held at Indiana University in Bloomington in May 1990. Professor Azumaya, who has been on the faculty at Indiana University since 1968, has made many important contributions to modern abstract algebra. His introduction and investigation of what have come to be known as Azumaya algebras subsequently stimulated much research on such rings and algebras, as well as applications to geometry and number theory. In addition to honoring Professor Azumaya's contributions, the conference was intended to stimulate interaction among three areas of his research interests: Azumaya algebras, group and Hopf algebra actions, and module theory. Aimed at researchers in algebra, this volume contains contributions by some of the leaders in these areas.

Table of Contents

  • M. Artin -- Geometry of quantum planes
  • G. Azumaya -- Locally pure-projective modules
  • M. Beattie -- On the Blattner-Montgomery duality theorem for Hopf algebras
  • W. Chin -- Actions of solvable algebraic groups on noncommutative rings
  • F. R. DeMeyer and T. J. Ford -- Nontrivial, locally trivial Azumaya algebras
  • K. R. Fuller -- The Cartan determinant and global dimension of Artinian rings
  • J. Haefner and L. Klingler -- Integral representations of finite groups with finite representation type
  • T. Y. Lam and A. Leroy -- Homomorphisms between Ore extensions
  • C. Lanski -- Differential identities of prime rings, Kharchenko's theorem, and applications
  • S. Montgomery -- Hopf Galois extensions
  • I. M. Musson -- Enveloping algebras of Lie superalgebras: A survey
  • B. L. Osofsky -- Constructing nonstandard uniserial modules over valuation domains
  • J. Osterburg and D. S. Passman -- What makes a skew group ring prime?
  • L. H. Rowen -- Wedderburn's method and algebraic elements of simple Artinian rings
  • D. J. Saltman -- Finite dimensional division algebras
  • R. G. Swan -- Gubeladze's proof of Anderson's conjecture
  • G. Szeto and Y.-F. Wong -- On Azumaya projective group rings
  • S. M. Vovsi -- Some ring themes in the theory of varieties of group representations
  • A. R. Wadsworth -- Valuations on tensor products of symbol algebras
  • R. Wiegand -- Torsion-free modules over regular domains of dimension two
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