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Abelian Groups and Noncommutative Rings: A Collection of Papers in Memory of Robert B. Warfield, Jr.
Edited by: L. Fuchs, K. R. Goodearl, J. T. Stafford, and C. Vinsonhaler

Contemporary Mathematics
1992; 394 pp; softcover
Volume: 130
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5142-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5142-5
List Price: US$63
Member Price: US$50.40
Order Code: CONM/130
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This collection of research papers is dedicated to the memory of the distinguished algebraist Robert B. Warfield, Jr. Focusing on abelian group theory and noncommutative ring theory, the book covers a wide range of topics reflecting Warfield's interests and includes two articles surveying his contributions to mathematics. Because the articles have been refereed to high standards and will not appear elsewhere, this volume is indispensable to any researcher in noncommutative ring theory or abelian group theory. With papers by some of the major leaders in the field, this book will also be important to anyone interested in these areas, as it provides an overview of current research directions.

Table of Contents

Robert Breckenridge Warfield, Jr.
  • C. Vinsonhaler -- The abelian group papers of Robert B. Warfield, Jr.
  • K. R. Goodearl and J. T. Stafford -- Warfield in ring theory
  • U. Albrecht -- Endomorphism rings, tensor products, and Fuchs' problem 47
  • R. Behler, R. Göbel, and R. Mines -- Endomorphism rings of \(p\)-groups having length cofinal with \(\omega\)
  • A. D. Bell -- Skew differential operators on commutative rings
  • G. M. Bergman -- Isomorphisms from top to bottom
  • A. Braun -- Power intersection in Noetherian P.I. rings
  • K. A. Brown and M. Lorenz -- Colimits of functors and Grothendieck groups of infinite group algebras
  • P. M. Cohn -- Modules over hereditary rings
  • A. van den Essen and A. H. M. Levelt -- An explicit description of all simple \(k[[x]][\partial]\)-modules
  • L. Fuchs and C. Metelli -- Countable Butler groups
  • K. R. Goodearl -- An unbounded localizable clique
  • I. Herzog -- The Auslander-Reiten translate
  • B. Z. Huisgen -- On the abundance of \(\aleph_1\)-separable modules
  • R. S. Irving -- Graded BGG algebras
  • D. A. Jordan -- Krull and global dimension of certain iterated skew polynomial rings
  • G. Krause -- Prime factor series of modules over a Noetherian algebra
  • T. H. Lenagan -- Enveloping algebras of solvable Lie superalgebras are catenary
  • E. S. Letzter -- Prime and primitive ideals in enveloping algebras of solvable Lie superalgebras
  • W. May -- Endomorphism algebras of not necessarily cotorsion-free modules
  • J. C. McConnell and R. B. Warfield, Jr. -- Direct sum decompositions of vector spaces equipped with linear and bilinear forms
  • G. O. Michler -- Maximal orders and deformations of modular group algebras
  • R. Mines and C. Vinsonhaler -- Butler groups and Bext: A constructive view
  • B. J. Müller -- Goldie-prime serial rings
  • J. Osterburg, D. S. Passman, and D. Quinn -- A Connes spectrum for Hopf algebras
  • R. S. Pierce -- Minimal regular rings
  • C. E. Praeger and P. Schultz -- The Loewy length of the Jacobson radical of a bounded endomorphism ring
  • J. D. Reid -- Warfield duality and irreducible groups
  • F. Richman -- The constructive theory of countably generated Warfield modules
  • D. J. Saltman -- A note on generic division algebras
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