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Algebraic Topology: Oaxtepec 1991
Edited by: Martin C. Tangora

Contemporary Mathematics
1993; 481 pp; softcover
Volume: 146
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5162-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5162-3
List Price: US$92
Member Price: US$73.60
Order Code: CONM/146
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This book consists of twenty-nine articles contributed by participants of an International Conference in Algebraic Topology held in July 1991 in Oaxtepec, Mexico. In addition to papers on current research, there are several surveys and expositions on the work of Mark Mahowald, whose sixtieth birthday was celebrated during the conference. The conference was truly international, with over 130 mathematicians from fifteen countries. It ended with a spectacular total eclipse of the sun, a photograph of which appears as the frontispiece. The papers range over much of algebraic topology and cross over into related areas, such as \(K\)-theory, representation theory, and Lie groups. Also included is a chart of the Adams spectral sequence and a bibliography of Mahowald's publications.


Mathematicians interested in algebraic topology and related fields of research.

Table of Contents

  • H. R. Miller and D. C. Ravenel -- Mark Mahowald's work on the homotopy groups of spheres
  • D. M. Davis -- Immersions of projective spaces: A historical survey
  • D. Blanc -- Abelian \(\Pi\)-algebras and their projective dimension
  • J. M. Boardman -- Modular representations on the homology of powers of real projective space
  • R. R. Bruner -- Ext in the nineties
  • F. R. Cohen and L. R. Taylor -- On the representation theory associated to the cohomology of configuration spaces
  • P. Goerss, J. Lannes, and F. Morel -- Hopf algebras, Witt vectors, and Brown-Gitler spectra
  • B. Gray -- \(v_2\) periodic homotopy families
  • H.-W. Henn and H. Mui -- Stable splittings for classifying spaces of alternating, special orthogonal and special unitary groups
  • T. Kashiwabara -- On the homotopy type of configuration complexes
  • S. O. Kochman -- The ring structure of BoP\(_*\)
  • W.-H. Lin -- Projectivity of the Whitehead product in spheres II
  • J. M. Lodder -- Dihedral homology and homotopy fixed point sets
  • M. Mahowald and W. Richter -- \(\Omega SU(n)\) does not split in \(2\) suspensions, for \(n \geq 3\)
  • M. Mahowald and K. Shimomura -- The Adams-Novikov spectral sequence for the \(L_2\) localization of a \(v_2\) spectrum
  • B. M. Mann and R. J. Milgram -- The topology of rational maps to Grassmannians and a homotopy theoretic proof of the Kirwan stability theorem
  • H. J. Marcum -- Obstructions for a map to be cyclic
  • C. A. McGibbon -- Loop spaces and phantom maps
  • M. Mimura, S. Oka, and M. Yasuo -- K-theory and the homotopy types of some function spaces
  • N. Minami -- On the double transfer
  • J. Morava -- Some examples of Hopf algebras and Tannakian categories
  • G. Moreno -- The Hurewicz homomorphism of the compact exceptional Lie group \({\mathbb E}_6\)
  • K. Morisugi -- Periodic behavior of \(\Sigma CP_\infty\) and its applications
  • Y. Rudyak -- On the orientability of bundles and fibrations: The obstruction theory and applications to \(K\), \(KO\) and Morava \(K\)-theories
  • H. Sadofsky -- Hopkins' and Mahowald's picture of Shimomura's \(v_1\)-Bockstein spectral sequence calculation
  • M. C. Tangora -- Some remarks on products in Ext
  • R. D. Thompson -- A relation between \(K\)-theory and unstable homotopy groups with an application to \(B\Sigma _p\)
  • P. J. Webb -- Graded \(G\)-sets, symmetric powers of permutation modules, and the cohomology of wreath products
  • J. A. Wood -- Nilpotent elements in the Bockstein spectral sequence for \(B{\mathrm Spin}(n)\) ; Appendix 1: The publications of Mark Mahowald
  • P. L. Shick -- Appendix 2: Adams spectral sequence chart
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