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Graph Structure Theory
Edited by: Neil Robertson and Paul Seymour

Contemporary Mathematics
1993; 688 pp; softcover
Volume: 147
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5160-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5160-9
List Price: US$103
Member Price: US$82.40
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This volume contains the proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Graph Minors, held at the University of Washington in Seattle in the summer of 1991. Among the topics covered are: algorithms on tree-structured graphs, well-quasi-ordering, logic, infinite graphs, disjoint path problems, surface embeddings, knot theory, graph polynomials, matroid theory, and combinatorial optimization.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • W. T. Tutte -- Polynomials
  • J. Oxley and G. Whittle -- Tutte invariants for \(2\)-polymatroids
  • J. P. S. Kung -- Extremal matroid theory
  • T. M. Przytycka and J. H. Przytycki -- Subexponentially computable truncations of Jones-type polynomials
  • D. J. A. Welsh -- Knots and braids: Some algorithmic questions
  • N. Robertson, P. D. Seymour, and R. Thomas -- A survey of linkless embeddings
  • Y. C. de Verdière -- On a new graph invariant and a criterion for planarity
  • O. Borodin -- Four problems on plane graphs raised by Branko Grünbaum
  • B. Reed -- Counterexamples to a conjecture of Las Vergnas and Meyniel
  • B. Bollobás, B. Reed, and A. Thomason -- An extremal function for the achromatic number
  • H. J. Prömel and A. Steger -- The asymptotic structure of \(H\)-free graphs
  • M. Fellows, J. Kratochvíl, M. Middendorf, and F. Pfeiffer -- Induced minors and related problems
  • A. Schrijver -- Induced circuits in graphs on surfaces
  • A. Frank and T. Jordán -- Tree-representation of directed circuits
  • W. McCuaig -- Intercyclic digraphs
  • J. Bang-Jensen and S. Poljak -- Eulerian trails through a set of terminals in specific, unique, and all orders
  • H. Okamura -- \(2\)-reducible cycles containing two specified edges in \((2k+1)\)-edge-connected graphs
  • A. Huck -- Edge-disjoint cycles in \(n\)-edge-connected graphs
  • B. A. Reed, N. Robertson, A. Schrijver, and P. D. Seymour -- Finding disjoint trees in planar graphs in linear time
  • T. M. Przytycka and J. H. Przytycki -- Surface triangulations without short noncontractible cycles
  • R. P. Vitray -- Representativity and flexibility on the projective plane
  • X. Zha and Y. Zhao -- On non-null separating circuits in embedded graphs
  • S. Negami -- Projective-planar graphs with even duals II
  • N. Dean and K. Ota -- \(2\)-factors, connectivity, and graph minors
  • J. P. Huneke -- A conjecture in topological graph theory
  • X. Zha -- On the closed \(2\)-cell embedding conjecture
  • C.-Q. Zhang -- Cycle cover theorems and their applications
  • L. A. Goddyn -- Cones, lattices, and Hilbert bases of circuits and perfect matchings
  • P. Gvozdjak and J. Širáň -- Regular maps from voltage assignments
  • B. Oporowski -- The infinite grid covers the infinite half-grid
  • R. Diestel -- Dominating functions and topological graph minors
  • H. A. Jung -- Notes on rays and automorphisms of locally finite graphs
  • L. Gordeev -- Quasi-ordinals and proof theory
  • D. Vertigan -- Minor classes: Extended abstract
  • J. Gustedt -- Well-quasi-ordering finite posets
  • G. Ding -- The immersion relation on webs
  • N. Robertson, P. D. Seymour, and R. Thomas -- Structural descriptions of lower ideals of trees
  • K. Abrahamson and M. Fellows -- Finite automata, bounded treewidth, and well-quasiordering
  • B. Courcelle -- Graph grammars, monadic second-order logic, and the theory of graph minors
  • A. Proskurowski -- Graph reductions, and techniques for finding minimal forbidden minors
  • J. Lagergren -- An upper bound on the size of an obstruction
  • M. A. Langston -- An obstruction-based approach to layout optimization
  • C. R. Coullard and D. K. Wagner -- Decomposing \(3\)-connected graphs
  • A. K. Kelmans -- Graph planarity and related topics
  • N. Robertson and P. Seymour -- Excluding a graph with one crossing
  • N. Dean -- Open problems
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