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The Mathematical Legacy of Wilhelm Magnus: Groups, Geometry and Special Functions
Edited by: William Abikoff, Joan S. Birman, and Kathryn Kuiken

Contemporary Mathematics
1994; 499 pp; softcover
Volume: 169
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5156-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5156-2
List Price: US$102
Member Price: US$81.60
Order Code: CONM/169
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Wilhelm Magnus was an extraordinarily creative mathematician who made fundamental contributions to diverse areas, including group theory, geometry, and special functions. This book contains the proceedings of a conference held in May 1992 at Polytechnic University to honor the memory of Magnus. The focus of the book is on active areas of current research where Magnus' influence can be seen. The papers range from expository articles to major new research, bringing together seemingly diverse topics and providing entry points to a variety of areas of mathematics.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • G. D. Anderson, M. K. Vamanamurthy, and M. Vuorinen -- Inequalities for plane quasiconformal mappings
  • R. Askey -- A look at the Bateman project
  • H. Bass and A. Lubotzky -- Linear-central filtrations on groups
  • G. Baumslag -- Musings on Magnus
  • K. Berry and M. Tretkoff -- The monodromy group of a transcendental function
  • J. S. Birman, D. D. Long, and J. A. Moody -- Finite-dimensional representations of Artin's braid group
  • J. W. Cannon, W. J. Floyd, and W. R. Parry -- Squaring rectangles: The finite Riemann mapping theorem
  • B. Fine and G. Rosenberger -- The Freiheitssatz and its extensions
  • I. Fischer -- A Rodrigues-type formula for the \(q\)-Racah polynomials and some related results
  • G. K. Francis and L. H. Kauffman -- Air on the Dirac strings
  • A. M. Gaglione and D. Spellman -- Does Lyndon's length function imply the universal theory of free groups?
  • D. M. Gallo -- Schottky groups and the boundary of Teichmüller space: Genus \(2\)
  • F. P. Gardiner and D. Sullivan -- Lacunary series as quadratic differentials in conformal dynamics
  • R. H. Gilman -- The geometry of cycles in the Cayley diagram of a group
  • W. J. Harvey -- Braids, Riemann surfaces and moduli
  • R. Hirshon -- Some remarks on \(J\) replacement in direct products
  • H. Hochstadt -- Wilhelm Magnus, applied mathematician
  • A. Juhász and G. Rosenberger -- On the combinatorial curvature of groups of \(F\)-type and other one-relator free products
  • K. Kuiken and J. T. Masterson -- Branched dihedral structures on Riemann surfaces
  • J. P. Labute -- Groups and Lie algebras: The Magnus theory
  • J. Lehner -- Semiregular continued fractions whose partial denominators are \(1\) or \(2\)
  • F. Levin -- Testing for the center of a one-relator group
  • S. Lipschutz -- Generalizing the Baer-Stallings pregroup
  • O. Macedonska and D. M. Solitar -- On binary \(\sigma\)-invariant words in a group
  • B. Maskit -- Explicit matrices for Fuchsian groups
  • R. F. Morse -- Levi-properties generated by varieties
  • D. S. Passman -- Chains of primitive ideals
  • T. Pignataro and H. Sandler -- Families of closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces with common self-intersections
  • J. G. Ratcliffe -- On the isometry groups of hyperbolic manifolds
  • V. Tasić -- A generalization of Lazard's theorem on modular dimension subgroups
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