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Function Spaces
Edited by: Krzysztof Jarosz, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL

Contemporary Mathematics
1999; 361 pp; softcover
Volume: 232
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0939-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0939-6
List Price: US$98
Member Price: US$78.40
Order Code: CONM/232
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This proceedings volume presents 36 papers given by leading experts during the Third Conference on Function Spaces held at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. A wide range of topics in the subject area are covered. Most papers are written for nonexperts, so the book can serve as a good introduction to the topic for those interested in this area.

The book presents the following broad range of topics, including spaces and algebras of analytic functions of one and of many variables, \(L^p\) spaces, spaces of Banach-valued functions, isometries of function spaces, geometry of Banach spaces and related subjects. Known results, open problems, and new discoveries are featured. At the time of publication, information about the book, the conference, and a list and pictures of contributors are available on the Web at


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in functional analysis.


"A very nice collection of short survey-type articles mixed with research articles."

-- Monatshefte für Mathematik

Table of Contents

  • M. D. Acosta -- Norm attaining operators in \(L_1(\mu)\)
  • P. Aiena -- The Weyl-Browder spectrum of a multiplier
  • J. Akeroyd and E. G. Saleeby -- On polynomial approximation in the mean
  • J. T. Anderson and J. A. Cima -- A uniqueness theorem for normal functions of several complex variables
  • J. Araujo and K. Jarosz -- Separating maps on spaces of continuous functions
  • R. Aron and J. Bés -- Hypercyclic differentiation operators
  • P. Avramidou and F. Jafari -- On norms of composition operators on Hardy spaces
  • C. Badea -- Stable ranks, \(K\)-groups and Witt groups of some Banach and \(C^*\)-algebras
  • A. Bernard and G. Muraz -- Locally constant almost everywhere Fourier transform
  • S. Bernstein -- The quaternionic Riemann problem
  • O. Blasco -- Convolution by means of bilinear maps
  • C.-H. Chu, A. M. Galindo, and A. Rodríguez Palacios -- On prime real \(JB^*\)-triples
  • M. D. Contreras and S. Díaz-Madrigal -- Compact-type operators defined on \(H^\infty\)
  • S. J. Dilworth -- On the extensibility of certain homeomorphisms and linear isometries
  • P. N. Dowling -- The fixed point property for subsets of \(L_1[0,1]\)
  • J. F. Feinstein and D. W. B. Somerset -- Strong regularity for uniform algebras
  • R. Gonzalo and J. A. Jaramillo -- High order smoothness in sequence spaces and spreading models
  • P. Gorkin and R. Mortini -- A survey of closed ideals in familiar function algebras
  • O. Hatori -- Subalgebras of commutative Banach algebras and Fourier multipliers with natural spectra
  • F. Holland and R. Rochberg -- Bergman kernels and Hankel forms on generalized Fock spaces
  • K. Jarosz -- When is a linear functional multiplicative?
  • N. J. Kalton -- A remark on Banach spaces isomorphic to their squares
  • S. G. Krantz and M. M. Peloso -- Sobolev spaces and projections of holomorphic functions and mappings
  • F. León-Saavedra -- Universal functions on the unit ball and the polydisk
  • T. Miura -- On commutative \(C^*\)-algebras in which every element is almost the square of another
  • T. Nakazi -- Some special bounded homomorphisms of a uniform algebra
  • M. M. Neumann -- Analytic functional models for operators on Banach spaces
  • B. Randrianantoanina -- Injective isometries in Orlicz spaces
  • A. Rodríguez-Palacios and M. V. Velasco -- Continuity of homomorphisms and derivations on Banach algebras with an involution
  • A. G. Siskakis and R. Zhao -- A Volterra type operator on spaces of analytic functions
  • K. Stroethoff -- Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space via the Berezin transform
  • H. Takagi and K. Yokouchi -- Multiplication and composition operators between two \(L^p\)-spaces
  • T. Tonev -- Bourgain algebras and inductive limit algebras
  • A. Triki -- A note on averaging operators
  • K. Watanabe -- Problems on isometries of non-commutative \(L^p\)-spaces
  • A. Zagorodnyuk -- Multiplicative polynomial operators on topological algebras
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