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Fluid Flow and Transport in Porous Media: Mathematical and Numerical Treatment
Edited by: Zhangxin Chen, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, and Richard E. Ewing, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX

Contemporary Mathematics
2002; 524 pp; softcover
Volume: 295
ISBN-10: 0-8218-2807-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-2807-6
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Member Price: US$119.20
Order Code: CONM/295
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This volume contains research papers written and edited by prominent researchers working with the mathematical and numerical treatment of fluid flow and transport in porous media.

Papers are based on talks given at a 2001 Joint AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference held at Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA). Topics cover a variety of subjects such as network flow modeling, contemporary numerical methods, parallel computation, optimization, multiscale phenomena, upscaling, uncertainty reduction, well treatment, and media characterization.

The material addresses many problems originating from the applied geosciences and focuses on their common state-of-the-art mathematical and numerical treatment. This work is particularly pertinent to those working in oil exploration and other industrial applications.

The book serves as an excellent reference work for all geoscientists, mathematicians, physicists, and engineers working in this research area.


Graduate students, research mathematicians, geoscientists, physicists, and engineers working with the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of fluid flow and transport in porous media.

Table of Contents

  • J. Aarnes and M. S. Espedal -- A new approach to upscaling for two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media
  • C. Alboin, J. Jaffré, J. E. Roberts, and C. Serres -- Modeling fractures as interfaces for flow and transport in porous media
  • M. Al-Lawatia and H. Wang -- A family of higher-order Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for advection-diffusion equations
  • C. Almeida, J. Douglas, Jr., F. Pereira, L. C. Roman, and L.-M. Yeh -- Algorithmic aspects of a locally conservative Eulerian-Lagrangian method for transport-dominated diffusive systems
  • I. Berre, H. K. Dahle, K. H. Karlsen, and H. F. Nordhaug -- A streamline front tracking method for two- and three-phase flow including capillary forces
  • S. Bitterlich and P. Knabner -- Adaptive and formfree identification of nonlinearities in fluid flow from column experiments
  • A. Bourgeat -- Overall behaviour of fractured porous media versus fractures' size and permeability ratio
  • M. A. Celia and A. J. Guswa -- Hysteresis and upscaling in two-phase flow through porous media
  • B. M. Chen-Charpentier and H. V. Kojouharov -- Simulation of biobarrier-protozoa interaction in porous media
  • H. Chen, Z. Chen, G. Huan, and Z. Wang -- Mixed discontinuous FE methods and their applications to two-phase flow in porous media
  • Z. Chen, Y. Cui, and Q. Jiang -- Two-phase immiscible flow with the viscous drag in naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Z. Chen, G. Huan, and B. Li -- Mixed finite element methods for multiphase flow in petroleum reservoirs with multiple wells
  • C. C. Douglas, G. Haase, and M. Iskandarani -- An acceleration procedure for the spectral element ocean model formulation of the shallow water equations
  • J. Douglas, Jr., F. Pereira, and L.-M. Yeh -- Relations between phase mobilities and capillary pressures for two-phase flows in fractured media
  • J. Douglas, Jr. and A. M. Spagnuolo -- Parameter estimates for high-level nuclear transport in fractured porous media
  • D. B. Duncan and Y. Qiu -- Overlapping grids for welltest analysis
  • R. E. Ewing -- Upscaling of biological processes and multiphase flow in porous media
  • R. E. Ewing, J. Wang, S. L. Weekes, and Y. Yang -- A numerical simulation of multicomponent gas flow in porous media by projection methods
  • X. Feng -- Recent developments on modeling and analysis of flow of miscible fluids in porous media
  • J. Glimm, Y.-h. Lee, and K. Ye -- A simple model for scale up error
  • J. Glimm, X. L. Li, and Y. Liu -- Conservative front tracking in one space dimension
  • N. Herrmann -- BEM with collocation for the heat equation with Neumann and mixed boundary values
  • G. Huan, Z. Chen, and B. Li -- Applications of the control volume function approximation method to reservoir simulations
  • K. D. Jarman and T. F. Russell -- Analysis of 1-D moment equations for immiscible flow
  • D. L. Kern, J. J. Westman, and F. B. Hanson -- Locally optimal pumping and treatment rates in uncertain environments
  • D. Y. Kwak -- A general mutigrid framework for a class of perturbed problems
  • B. Li, Z. Chen, and G. Huan -- Modeling horizontal wells using hybrid grids in reservoir simulations
  • J. Li -- A multiblock mixed finite element method for 2D and 3D elliptic problems on mixed unstructured grids and its parallelization
  • W. B. Lindquist -- Network flow model studies and 3D pore structure
  • Q. Liu, P. Shen, and P. Yang -- Pore scale network modelling of gas slippage in tight porous media
  • Q. Lie, J. Wang, P. Yang, and P. Shen -- The calculation of relative permeability by history matching and Beth network model
  • A. A. Merrikh, J. L. Lage, and A. A. Mohamad -- Comparison between pore-level and porous medium models for natural convection in a non-homogeneous enclosure
  • A. Narasimhan and J. L. Lage -- New models for predicting temperature-dependent viscous effects on flow through porous media
  • G. Pencheva and I. Yotov -- Balancing domain decomposition for porous media flow in multiblock domains
  • B. Rivière and M. F. Wheeler -- Non conforming methods for transport with nonlinear reaction
  • L. F. Rossi -- A high order Lagrangian scheme for flow through unsaturated porous media
  • M. Sarkis -- Partition of unity coarse spaces
  • S. Subbey, M. Christie, and M. Sambridge -- Uncertainty reduction in reservoir modeling
  • H. Wang, J. Liu, M. S. Espedal, and R. E. Ewing -- A Eulerian-Lagrangian substructuring domain decomposition method for multidimensional, unsteady-state advection-diffusion equations
  • H. Wang, W. Zhao, R. E. Ewing, S. L. Lyons, and G. Qin -- An ELLAM simulator for highly compressible flow in porous media with multiple wells
  • L. Wu and G. F. Pinder -- Single-degree freedom collocation method using Hermite polynomials
  • X. Yu and Y. Wu -- A Taylor-Galerkin finite element method for one-dimensional hyperbolic conservation laws
  • W. Zhang and I. Gladwell -- Morphological evolution of a 3D array of particles under surface diffusion
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