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Inverse Problems and Spectral Theory
Edited by: Hiroshi Isozaki, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Contemporary Mathematics
2004; 243 pp; softcover
Volume: 348
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3421-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3421-3
List Price: US$80
Member Price: US$64
Order Code: CONM/348
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This volume grew out of a workshop on spectral theory of differential operators and inverse problems held at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Kyoto University). The gathering of nearly 100 participants at the conference suggests the increasing interest in this field of research.

The focus of the book is on spectral theory for differential operators and related inverse problems. It includes selected topics from the following areas: electromagnetism, elasticity, the Schrödinger equation, differential geometry, and numerical analysis. The material is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in inverse problems and their applications.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in inverse problems and applications.

Table of Contents

  • V. G. Romanov and M. Yamamoto -- On the determination of wave speed and potential in a hyperbolic equation by two measurements
  • Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas, and E. Somersalo -- Focusing waves in electromagnetic inverse problems
  • H. Ammari and H. Kang -- Reconstruction of conductivity inhomogeneities of small diameter via boundary measurements
  • S. Kim and M. Yamamoto -- Unique determination of inhomogeneity in a stationary isotropic Lamé system with variable coefficients
  • M. Ikehata -- Mittag-Leffler's function and extracting from Cauchy data
  • G. Eskin and J. Ralston -- On the inverse boundary value problem for linear isotropic elasticity and Cauchy-Riemann systems
  • M. Ikehata and G. Nakamura -- Pointwise reconstruction of the jump at the boundaries of inclusions
  • S.-i. Nakagiri and J. Ha -- Constant parameters identification problems of coupled sine-Gordon equations
  • D. Chelkak, P. Kargaev, and E. Korotyaev -- Inverse problem for harmonic oscillator perturbed by potential
  • A. Melin -- Some transforms in potential scattering in odd dimension
  • G. Uhlmann and A. Vasy -- Inverse problems in \(N\)-body scattering
  • A. Katsuda -- Asymptotics of heat kernels on nilpotent coverings and related topics
  • R. Kuwabara -- Eigenvalues associated with a periodic orbit of the magnetic flow
  • H. Isozaki -- Inverse problems and hyperbolic manifolds
  • T. Takiguchi -- Reconstruction of measurable plane sets from their orthogonal projections
  • K. Iijima, K. Shirota, and K. Onishi -- A numerical computation for inverse boundary value problems by using the adjoint method
  • H. Urakawa -- The Dirichlet eigenvalue problem, the finite element method and graph theory
  • J. Cheng, Y. C. Hon, and Y. B. Wang -- A numerical method for the discontinuous solutions of Abel integral equations
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