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Operator Algebras, Quantization, and Noncommutative Geometry: A Centennial Celebration Honoring John von Neumann and Marshall H. Stone
Edited by: Robert S. Doran, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, and Richard V. Kadison, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Contemporary Mathematics
2004; 422 pp; softcover
Volume: 365
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3402-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3402-2
List Price: US$120
Member Price: US$96
Order Code: CONM/365
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John von Neumann and Marshall Stone were two giants of Twentieth Century mathematics. In honor of the 100th anniversary of their births, a mathematical celebration was organized featuring developments in fields where both men were major influences.

This volume contains articles from the AMS Special Session, Operator Algebras, Quantization and Noncommutative Geometry: A Centennial Celebration in Honor of John von Neumann and Marshall H. Stone. Papers range from expository and historical surveys to original research articles. All articles were carefully refereed and cover a broad range of mathematical topics reflecting the fundamental ideas of von Neumann and Stone.

Most contributions are expanded versions of the talks and were written exclusively for this volume. Included, among others, are articles by George W. Mackey, Nigel Higson, and Marc Rieffel. Also featured is a reprint of P.R. Halmos's The Legend of John von Neumann.

The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in operator algebras and applications, including noncommutative geometry.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in operator algebras and applications, including noncommutative geometry.

Table of Contents

  • P. R. Halmos -- The legend of John von Neumann
Photo of stone
  • G. W. Mackey -- Marshall H. Stone: Mathematician, statesman, advisor, and friend
  • W. Arveson -- The universal \(A\)-dynamical system
  • P. Baum -- On the index of equivariant elliptic operators
  • B. Blackadar -- The algebraization of dynamics: Amenability, nuclearity, quasidiagonality, and approximate finite dimensionality
  • D. P. Blecher -- Multipliers, \(C*\)-modules, and algebraic structure in spaces of Hilbert space operators
  • N. Higson -- Meromorphic continuation of zeta functions associated to elliptic operators
  • R. V. Kadison -- Non-commutative conditional expectations and their applications
  • Y. Katayama and M. Takesaki -- Outer actions of a discrete amenable group on approximately finite dimensional factors I: General theory
  • P. S. Muhly and B. Solel -- On the curvature of a completely positive map
  • J. A. Packer -- Applications of the work of Stone and von Neumann to wavelets
  • R. T. Powers -- Addition of spatial \(E_o\)-semigroups
  • G. L. Price -- On shifts of minimal index on the hyperfinite \(II_1\) factor
  • M. A. Rieffel -- Compact quantum metric spaces
  • J. Rosenberg -- A selective history of the Stone-von Neumann theorem
  • M. Junge and Z.-J. Ruan -- Decomposable maps on non-commutative \(L_p\)-spaces
  • A. M. Sinclair and R. R. Smith -- A survey of Hochschild cohomology for von Neumann algebras
  • D. P. Williams -- From the Stone-von Neumann theorem to the equivariant Brauer group and beyond
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