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New Developments in Lie Theory and Geometry
Edited by: Carolyn S. Gordon, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Juan Tirao and Jorge A. Vargas, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, and Joseph A. Wolf, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Contemporary Mathematics
2009; 348 pp; softcover
Volume: 491
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4651-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4651-3
List Price: US$104
Member Price: US$83.20
Order Code: CONM/491
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This volume is an outgrowth of the Sixth Workshop on Lie Theory and Geometry, held in the province of Córdoba, Argentina in November 2007.

The representation theory and structure theory of Lie groups play a pervasive role throughout mathematics and physics. Lie groups are tightly intertwined with geometry and each stimulates developments in the other. The aim of this volume is to bring to a larger audience the mutually beneficial interaction between Lie theorists and geometers that animated the workshop.

Two prominent themes of the representation theoretic articles are Gelfand pairs and the representation theory of real reductive Lie groups. Among the more geometric articles are an exposition of major recent developments on noncompact homogeneous Einstein manifolds and aspects of inverse spectral geometry presented in settings accessible to readers new to the area.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in Lie groups and Lie algebras and their applications.

Table of Contents

  • J. Lauret -- Einstein solvmanifolds and nilsolitons
  • C. U. Sánchez -- Algebraic sets associated to isoparametric submanifolds
  • L. Ji -- Mostow strong rigidity and nonisomorphism for outer automorphism groups of free groups and mapping class groups
  • R. J. Miatello and J. P. Rossetti -- Spectral properties of flat manifolds
  • P. Gilkey -- Heat content, heat trace, and isospectrality
  • D. Burde, K. Dekimpe, and S. Deschamps -- LR-algebras
  • C. Benson and G. Ratcliff -- Combinatorial properties of generalized binomial coefficients
  • C. Benson and G. Ratcliff -- Spherical functions for the action of a finite unitary group on a finite Heisenberg group
  • S. Gurevich and R. Hadani -- Application of the Weil representation: Diagonalization of the discrete Fourier transform
  • J. A. Wolf -- Infinite dimensional multiplicity free spaces II: Limits of commutative nilmanifolds
  • L. Barchini and R. Zierau -- Certain components of Springer fibers: algorithms, examples and applications
  • E. Galina -- Weighted Vogan diagrams associated to real nilpotent orbits
  • M. Colarusso -- The Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable system and its action on generic elements of \(\mathfrak gl(n)\) and \(\mathfrak so(n)\)
  • P. Eberlein and M. Jablonski -- Closed orbits of semisimple group actions and the real Hilbert-Mumford function
  • N. Andruskiewitsch and F. Fantino -- New techniques for pointed Hopf algebras
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