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The Lefschetz Centennial Conference. Part II: Proceedings on Algebraic Topology
Edited by: Samuel Gitler

Contemporary Mathematics
1987; 137 pp; softcover
Volume: 58
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1990
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5063-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5063-3
List Price: US$32
Member Price: US$25.60
Order Code: CONM/58.2
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This volume contains many of the papers in the area of algebraic topology presented at the 1984 Solomon Lefschetz Centennial Conference held in Mexico City.

Table of Contents

  • E. Antoniano -- The \(K\)-theory of projective Stiefel manifolds
  • M. Bendersky -- \(BP\) obstruction theory
  • E. Brown, Jr. and R. Szczarba -- Continuous cohomology
  • F. R. Cohen -- Homology of mapping class groups for surfaces of low genus
  • D. M. Davis -- Immersions of real projective spaces
  • V. Giambalvo, D. J. Pengelley, and D. C. Ravenel -- Fractal structures in \(H_\ast(BO)\) and their application to cobordism
  • K. Y. Lam and P. Y. H. Yiu -- Sums of squares formulae near the Hurwitz-Radon range
  • M. E. Mahowald and D. C. Ravenel -- Toward a global understanding of the homotopy groups of spheres
  • R. J. Milgram -- Surgery with finite fundamental group
  • C. Prieto -- \(KO(B)\)-graded stable cohomotopy over \(B\) and \(RO(G)\)-graded \(G\)-equivariant stable cohomotopy: a fixed point theoretical approach to the Segal conjecture
  • J. Ucci -- On the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence
  • P. Zvengrowski -- Recent work on the parallelizability of flag manifolds
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