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The Way I Remember It
Walter Rudin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
A co-publication of the AMS and the London Mathematical Society.

History of Mathematics
1997; 191 pp; softcover
Volume: 12
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1997
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0633-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0633-3
List Price: US$38
Member Price: US$30.40
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Walter Rudin's memoirs should prove to be a delightful read specifically to mathematicians, but also to historians who are interested in learning about his colorful history and ancestry. Characterized by his personal style of elegance, clarity, and brevity, Rudin presents in the first part of the book his early memories about his family history, his boyhood in Vienna throughout the 1920s and 1930s, and his experiences during World War II.

Part II offers samples of his work, in which he relates where problems came from, what their solutions led to, and who else was involved. As those who are familiar with Rudin's writing will recognize, he brings to this book the same care, depth, and originality that is the hallmark of his work.


Historians and general mathematical audience.


"It is a real pleasure to read this book and to admire the charming personal style we have come to know from Rudin's textbooks, monographs and articles. The book is strongly recommended not only to analysts, but also to all mathematicians as well as historians."

-- European Mathematical Society Newsletter

"Of noteworthy significance."

-- Zentralblatt MATH

"With this memoir, Rudin gives the entire mathematical community a chance to make his acquaintance both mathematically and personally, and a very worthwhile acquaintance it is. The biographical section ... is fascinating ... It's what the literary critics call "a good read" ... this book is a delight to read and will also help to inspire and guide young analysts in the path of wisdom. You will not want to miss a single page of it ... recommend it to everyone."

-- Mathematical Reviews

"Enlightening ... fascinating book!"

-- Palle Jorgensen

Table of Contents

Part I.
  • Prologue
  • Earliest memories
  • The family
  • Schools
  • Inventions
  • Vacations
  • A bit of history
  • Outlaws
  • Switzerland
  • Paris and Paramé
  • Internments
  • Escape
  • Vichy France
  • De Gaulle's army
  • Pioneer Corps
  • Navy
  • Avignon
  • War's end
  • Duke University
  • M.I.T.
  • Rochester
  • Epilogue
  • Map and photographs
Part II.
  • Interchanging limit processes
  • Function algebras
  • Misteaks
  • \(\beta \mathbb N\) and \(CH\) and all that
  • Idempotent measures
  • Riemann sums
  • Power series with gaps
  • Trigonometric series with gaps
  • Function theory in polydiscs
  • Function theory in balls
  • Holomorphic maps from \(\mathbb C^n\) to \(\mathbb C^n\)
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