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A Century of Mathematics in America: Part 2
Edited by: Peter Duren, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

History of Mathematics
1989; 585 pp; softcover
Volume: 2
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted with corrections 1990; third printing 1992
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0130-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0130-7
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The first section of the book deals with some of the influential mathematics departments in the United States. Functioning as centers of research and training, these departments played a major role in shaping the mathematical life in this country. The second section deals with an extraordinary conference held at Princeton in 1946 to commemorate the university's bicentennial. The influence of women in American mathematics, the burgeoning of differential geometry in the last 50 years, and discussions of the work of von Karman and Weiner are among other topics covered.

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Table of Contents

  • Mathematics at American Universities
  • Harvard
  • G. Birkhoff -- Mathematics at Harvard, 1836-1944
  • G. D. Birkhoff -- The scientific work of Maxime Bôcher [Reprint]
  • J. L. Walsh -- William Fogg Osgood [Reprint]
  • Yale
  • H. Dorwart -- Mathematics and Yale in the nineteen twenties
  • M. J. Klein -- The scientific style of Josiah Willard Gibbs [Reprint]
  • P. W. Smith -- The department of mathematics [Reprint]
  • Chicago
  • S. MacLane -- Mathematics at the University of Chicago: A brief history
  • K. H. Parshall -- Eliakim Hastings Moore and the founding of a mathematical community in America, 1892-1902 [Reprint]
  • W. L. Duren, Jr. -- Graduate student at Chicago in the '20s [Reprint]
  • M. H. Stone -- Reminiscences of mathematics at Chicago [Reprint]
  • F. E. Browder -- The Stone age of mathematics on the Midway [Reprint]
  • Princeton
  • W. Aspray -- The emergence of Princeton as a world center for mathematical research, 1896-1939 [Reprint]
  • S. MacLane -- Topology and logic at Princeton
  • G.-C. Rota -- Fine Hall in its golden age: Remembrances of Princeton in the early fifties
  • Stanford
  • H. Royden -- A history of mathematics at Stanford
  • P. C. Rosenbloom -- Studying under Pólya and Szegôat Stanford [Reprint]
  • Berkeley
  • R. E. Rider -- An opportune time: Griffith C. Evans and mathematics at Berkeley
  • NYU
  • C. S. Morawetz -- The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • Princeton University Bicentennial Conference
  • Proceedings of conference on "Problems of Mathematics," Princeton University, 1946 [Reprint]
  • Commentary:
  • J. Tate and B. Gross -- Algebra
  • H. Clemens -- Algebraic geometry
  • R. Osserman -- Differential geometry
  • Y. N. Moschovakis -- Mathematical logic
  • W. Browder -- Topology
  • J. L. Doob -- Mathematical probability
  • E. M. Stein -- Analysis
  • K. Uhlenbeck -- Analysis in the large
  • Historical Surveys
  • R. G. D. Richardson -- The Ph.D. degree and mathematical research [Reprint]
  • J. Green and J. LaDuke -- Women in American mathematics: A century of contributions
  • W. L. Duren, Jr. -- Mathematics in American society
  • L. W. Cohen -- Recollections of a mathematical innocent in Washington
  • P. Lax -- The flowering of applied mathematics in America
  • J. L. Greenberg and J. R. Goodstein -- Theodore von Kármán and applied mathematics in America [Reprint]
  • B. McMillan -- Norbert Weiner and chaos
  • O. Taussky -- Some non-commutativity methods in algebraic number theory
  • R. Osserman -- The geometry renaissance in America: 1938-1988
  • R. Bott -- The topological constraints on analysis
  • S. L. Kleiman -- The development of intersection homology theory
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