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A Century of Mathematics in America: Part 3
Edited by: Peter Duren, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

History of Mathematics
1989; 675 pp; softcover
Volume: 3
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1991
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0136-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0136-9
List Price: US$113
Member Price: US$90.40
Order Code: HMATH/3
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The present book is the third and final volume in the A Century of Mathematics in America collection. The theme of the second volume is continued here in articles describing the mathematics and the mathematical personalities in some of the nations's prominent departments: Johns Hopkins, Clark, Columbia, MIT, Michigan, Texas, and the Institute for Advanced Study.

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Table of Contents

  • The Nineteenth Century
  • K. V. H. Parshall and D. E. Rowe -- American mathematics comes of age, 1875-1900
  • R. Cooke and V. F. Rickey -- W. E. Story of Hopkins and Clark
  • G. M. Rosenstein, Jr. -- The best method. American calculus textbooks of the nineteenth century
  • C. A. Scott -- Edwards' differential calculus [Reprint]
  • Mathematics at American Institutions
  • A. Borel -- The School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study
  • E. R. Lorch -- Mathematics at Columbia during adolescence
  • D. J. Struik -- The MIT department of mathematics during its first seventy-five years. Some recollections
  • W. Kaplan -- Mathematics at the University of Michigan
  • R. L. Wilder -- Reminiscences of mathematics at Michigan
  • A. C. Lewis -- The building of the University of Texas mathematics faculty, 1883-1938
  • Mathematics and Mathematicians
  • P. C. Kenschaft -- Charlotte Angas Scott (1858-1931) [Reprint]
  • R. E. Langer and M. H. Ingraham -- Edward Burr Van Vleck, 1863-1943 [Reprint]
  • R. L. Wilder -- The Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore; Its background, nature, and influence [Reprint]
  • L. S. Grinstein and P. J. Campbell -- Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler (1883-1966) [Reprint]
  • P. Masani -- Norbert Wiener: A survey of a fragment of his life and work
  • R. Coifman and R. Strichartz -- The school of Antoni Zygmund
  • R. Askey -- Handbooks of special functions
  • S. Feferman, P. Suppes, and J. Barwise -- Commemorative meeting for Alfred Tarski
  • C. Reid and R. M. Robinson -- Julia Bowman Robinson (1919-1985) [Reprint]
  • J. Wermer -- Function algebras in the fifties and sixties
  • S. MacLane -- Addendum: Concepts and categories in perspective
  • Surveys and Recollections
  • L. V. Ahlfors -- The joy of function theory
  • J. A. Donaldson -- Black Americans in mathematics
  • J. L. Kelley -- Once over lightly
  • S. MacLane -- Mathematicians in World War II: The group at Columbia
  • S. MacLane -- The education of Ph.D's in mathematics
  • E. Pitcher -- Off the record
  • Probability, Statistics, and Actuarial Science
  • S. M. Stigler -- Mathematical statistics in the early states [Reprint]
  • J. L. Doob -- William Feller and twentieth century probability [Reprint]
  • C. C. Craig -- Early days in statistics at Michigan [Reprint]
  • C. Eisenhart -- S. S. Wilks's Princeton appointment and statistics at Princeton before Wilks
  • M. H. DeGroot -- A conversation with David Blackwell [Reprint]
  • C. J. Nesbitt -- Personal reflections on actuarial science in North America from 1900
  • History of Mathematics
  • U. C. Merzbach -- Article on American historians of mathematics
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