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Ring Theory 1989 in Honor of S. A. Amitsur
Edited by: Louis Rowen
A publication of Bar-Ilan University.
Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings
1990; 430 pp; softcover
Volume: 1
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1992
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This is the first volume in the series, Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings, published by the Weizmann Science Press of Israel. The volume contains the proceedings of "The Ring Theory Symposium" at Bar-Ilan University and "The Division Algebra Workshop" at Hebrew University, which were held in honor of S. A. Amitsur in late 1988 and early 1989. Virtually every major algebraist in Israel contributed to these events by inviting participants for a period coinciding with the conferences.

The papers in this volume range from presentations of current research to survey talks and expositions and represent contributions by some of the world's leading experts in algebra and ring theory.

A publication of the Bar-Ilan University. Distributed worldwide by the AMS.


Table of Contents

  • N. Jacobson -- Amitsur's mathematics: an overview
  • T. Y. Lam -- Fields of u-invariant 6 after A. Merkurjev
Polynomial Identity Ring
  • A. A. Anan'in -- An intriguing story about representable algebras
  • L. W. Small -- Embeddings of PI-rings into rings of matrices
  • K. W. Roggenkamp -- Hereditary rings with a polynomial identity
  • J. T. Stafford -- Yet more indecomposable projectives over PI rings
  • T. Dana-Picard -- Generic algebras of dimension 6
  • D. S. Passman -- Crossed products and enveloping algebras satisfying a polynomial identity
Group Algebras, Crossed Products and Enveloping Algebras
  • S. P. Coelho and C. P. Milies -- Supercenters and FC units in group rings
  • M. Schaps -- Deforming group algebras
  • A. Shalev -- Applications of dimension and Lie dimension subgroups to modular group algebras
  • Z. Arad -- Survey on table algebras and applications to finite group theory
General Ring Theory
  • A. Regev -- Homormorphisms for tensor products of Grassman algebras
  • S. R. Lopez-Permouth -- Quasi-Frobenius rings and generalizations
  • A. Joseph -- Rings of b-finite endomorphisms of simple highest weight modules are Goldie
  • G. Krause -- On the exactness of the Gelfand--Kirillov dimension in Noetherian algebras
  • S. Montgomery -- Inner actions of Hopf algebras
  • G. M. Bergman -- Radicals, tensor products, and algebraicity
  • L. H. Rowen -- Koethe's conjecture
  • R. L. Snider -- Are noncommutative regular local rings domains?
  • N. V. Loi and R. Wiegandt -- On involution rings with minimum condition
  • J. S. Golan -- Weak localization and relative Galois theory
  • P. E. Jambor -- Linear algebra modulo radical
  • H. H. Brungs -- Complete right chain rings
  • W. S. Martindale 3rd -- X-inner derivations of coproducts
  • P. M. Cohn -- Generalized polynomial identities and the specialization lemma
  • T. Y. Lam, K. H. Leung, A. Leroy, and J. Matczuk -- Invariant and semi-invariant polynomials in skew polynomial rings
  • P. Nelis and F. Van Oystaeyen -- Ray symmetry in projective representations and subgroups of the Brauer group
Division Rings and Central Simple Algebra
  • B. Fein and M. Schacher -- Minimality questions fro simple algebras
  • B. Jacob -- The index and the symbol index of division algebras
  • L. Le Bruyn and G. Molenberghs -- Genters of generic division algebras
  • T. J. Ford and D. J. Saltman -- Divison algebras over Henselian surfaces
  • E. Formanek -- Some remarks about the reduced trace
  • J.-P. Tignol -- Metacyclic division algebras of degree 5
  • D. Haile -- On Clifford algebras, conjugate splittings, and function fields of curves
  • N. Jacobson -- Splitting fields
  • M. Van den Bergh -- Algebraic splitting fields of division algebras
  • A. Schofield -- Rigid division rings
  • V. Coll, M. Gerstenhaber, and A. Giaquinto -- An explicit deformation formula with non-commuting derivations
  • S. A. Amitsur -- Highlights in the history of finite-dimensional central division algebras
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