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Mathematics of the Decision Sciences: Part I
Edited by: G. B. Dantzig and A. F. Veinott, Jr.

Lectures in Applied Mathematics
1968; 429 pp; hardcover
Volume: 11
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted with corrections 1970
ISBN-10: 0-8218-1111-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-1111-5
List Price: US$73
Member Price: US$58.40
Order Code: LAM/11
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Table of Contents

Part I: I. Linear Programming
  • R. M. Thrall -- Introduction to Linear Programming
  • M. L. Balinski -- Notes on a constructive approach to linear programming
  • V. Klee -- A class of linear programming problems requiring a large number of iterations
  • G. B. Dantzig -- Large-scale linear programming
II. Pivot Theory and Quadratic Programs
  • C. E. Lemke -- On complementary pivot theory
  • R. W. Cottle and G. B. Dantzig -- Complementary pivot theory
  • A. W. Tucker -- Complementary slackness in dual linear subspaces
  • R. W. Cottle -- The principal pivoting method of quadratic programming
  • A. W. Tucker -- A least-distance approach to quadratic programming
III. Convex Polyhedra and Integer Programs
  • M. L. Balinski -- Integer programming: methods, uses, computation
  • V. Klee and C. Witzgall -- Facets and vertices of transportation polytopes
  • R. E. Gomory -- Faces of an integer polyhedron
  • R. E. Gomory -- On the relation between integer and noninteger solutions to linear programs
  • A. J. Hoffman -- Estimation of eigenvalues of a matrix and the theory of linear inequalities
IV. Combinatorics
  • D. R. Fulkerson -- Networks, frames, blocking systems
  • J. Edmonds -- Matroid partition
  • J. Edmonds -- Optimum branchings
V. Nonlinear Programming
  • P. Wolfe -- An outline of nonlinear programming
  • R. T. Rockafellar -- Duality in nonlinear programming
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