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Mathematics of the Decision Sciences: Part II
Edited by: G. B. Dantzig and A. F. Veinott, Jr.

Lectures in Applied Mathematics
1968; 443 pp; hardcover
Volume: 12
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted with corrections 1970
ISBN-10: 0-8218-1112-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-1112-2
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Table of Contents

Part II: VI. Control Theory
  • L. W. Neustadt -- A survey of certain aspects of control theory
  • E. Polak -- Necessary conditions for optimality in control programming
  • G. B. Dantzig -- Linear control processes and mathematical programming
  • J. B. Rosen -- Numerical solution of optimal control problems
VII. Mathematical Economics
  • H. W. Kuhn -- Mathematical economics
  • K. J. Arrow -- Applications of control theory to economic growth
  • D. Gale and W. R. Sutherland -- Analysis of a one good model of economic development
Dynamic Programming
  • C. Derman -- Markovian decision processes--average cost criterion
  • H. Chernoff -- Optimal stochastic control
  • A. F. Veinott, Jr. -- On the optimality of \((s,S)\) inventory policies: new conditions and a new proof
IX. Applied Probability and Statistics
  • S. Karline -- Branching processes
  • D. I. Iglehart -- Diffusion approximations in applied probability
  • R. E. Barlow -- Reliability theory
  • H. Robbins and D. Siegmund -- Iterated logarithm inequalities and related statistical procedures
X. Mathematical Psychology and Linguistics
  • M. F. Norman -- Mathematical learning theory
  • D. Krantz -- A survey of measurement theory
  • A. J. Ehrenfeucht -- Two dimensional visual geometry
  • S. Peters -- Mathematical linguistics
XI. Computer Science
  • A. H. Taub -- Computer science
  • W. F. Miller -- Computer science
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