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Diagram Cohomology and Isovariant Homotopy Theory
Giora Dula and Reinhard Schultz

Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society
1994; 82 pp; softcover
Volume: 110
ISBN-10: 0-8218-2589-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-2589-1
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Order Code: MEMO/110/527
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In algebraic topology, obstruction theory provides a way to study homotopy classes of continuous maps in terms of cohomology groups; a similar theory exists for certain spaces with group actions and maps that are compatible (that is, equivariant) with respect to the group actions. This work provides a corresponding setting for certain spaces with group actions and maps that are compatible in a stronger sense, called isovariant. The basic idea is to establish an equivalence between isovariant homotopy and equivariant homotopy for certain categories of diagrams. Consequences include isovariant versions of the usual Whitehead theorems for recognizing homotopy equivalences, an obstruction theory for deforming equivariant maps to isovariant maps, rational computations for the homotopy groups of certain spaces of isovariant functions, and applications to constructions and classification problems for differentiable group actions.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Equivariant homotopy in diagram categories
  • Quasistratifications
  • Isovariant homotopy and maps of diagrams
  • Almost isovariant maps
  • Obstructions to isovariance
  • Homotopy groups of isovariant function spaces
  • Calculations with the spectral sequence
  • Applications to differentiable group actions
  • Index of selected terms and symbols
  • References
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