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Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society
A. V. Arhangel'skiĭ, M. V. Fedorjuk, V. V. Grušin, L. A. Gutnik, I. S. Iohvidov, G. I. Kac, V. S. Klimov, V. A. Kondrat'ev, M. A. Krasnosel'skiĭ, M. G. Kreĭn, Z. L. Leĭbenzon, E. A. Lifšic, M. A. Naĭmark, V. G. Paljutkin, I. I. Pjateckiĭ-Šapiro, P. K. Raševskiĭ, B. Ju. Sternin, and L. V. Žižiašvili

Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society
1967; 508 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 0-8218-1615-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-1615-8
List Price: US$100
Member Price: US$80
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Includes topics such as associative hyper-envelopes of Lie algebras, an inverse problem of spectral analysis of ordinary differential equations, Cesaro means of Fourier series, open and near open mappings, finite ring groups, and the unimodular group

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