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Concepts in Abstract Algebra
Charles Lanski, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
A publication of Brooks/Cole: Cengage Learning.
Brooks/Cole: Cengage Learning
2005; 550 pp; hardcover
Volume: 14
ISBN-10: 0-534-42323-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-534-42323-0
List Price: US$89
Member Price: US$71.20
Order Code: CENGAGE/14
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The style and structure of Concepts in Abstract Algebra are designed to help students learn the core concepts and associated techniques in algebra deeply and well. Providing a fuller and richer account of material than time allows in a lecture, this text presents interesting examples of sufficient complexity so that students can see the concepts and results used in a nontrivial setting. Charles Lanski gives students the opportunity to practice by offering many exercises that require the use and synthesis of the techniques and results. Both readable and mathematically interesting, the text also helps students learn the art of constructing mathematical arguments. Overall, students discover how mathematics proceeds and how to use techniques that mathematicians actually employ.

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Undergraduate students interested in algebra.

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