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107 Geometry Problems from the AwesomeMath Year-Round Program
Titu Andreescu, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, Michal Rolinek, Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria, and Josef Tkadlec, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
A publication of XYZ Press.
XYZ Series
2013; 188 pp; hardcover
Volume: 4
ISBN-10: 0-9799269-7-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9799269-7-6
List Price: US$49.95
Member Price: US$39.96
Order Code: XYZ/4
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This book contains 107 geometry problems used in the AwesomeMath Year-Round Program. The problems offer additional challenges for those who have progressed through the 106 Geometry Problems from the AwesomeMath Summer Camp publication. The book begins with a theoretical chapter, where the authors review basic facts and familiarize the reader with some more advanced techniques. The authors then proceed to the main part of the work, the problem sections. The problems are a carefully selected and balanced mix which offers a vast variety of flavors and difficulties, ranging from AMC and AIME levels to high-end IMO problems. Out of thousands of Olympiad problems from around the globe the authors chose those which best illustrate the featured techniques and their applications. The problems meet the authors' demanding taste and fully exhibit the enchanting beauty of classical geometry. For every problem the authors provide a detailed solution and strive to pass on the intuition and motivation behind it. Numerous problems have multiple solutions.

Directly experiencing Olympiad geometry both as contestants and instructors, the authors are convinced that a neat diagram is essential to efficiently solve a geometry problem. Their diagrams do not contain anything superfluous, yet emphasize the key elements and benefit from a good choice of orientation. Many of the proofs should be legible only from looking at the diagrams.

A publication of XYZ Press. Distributed in North America by the American Mathematical Society.


Middle and high school students interested in mathematics competition preparation.

Table of Contents

  • Advanced topics in geometry
  • Introductory problems
  • Advanced problems
  • Solutions to introductory problems
  • Solutions to advanced problems
  • Further reading
  • Index
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