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Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society, Volume II
Edited by: O. A. Ladyzhenskaya

American Mathematical Society Translations--Series 2
1994; 225 pp; hardcover
Volume: 159
ISBN-10: 0-8218-7510-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-7510-0
List Price: US$140
Member Price: US$112
Order Code: TRANS2/159
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This book contains papers on a wide range of topics, including diophantine equations, algebraic number theory, ring theory, theory of functions of a real variable, partial differential equations, approximation of functions, differential geometry, computing theory, and statistical mechanics. The last three papers present historical perspectives on mathematics in St. Petersburg.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • D. G. Benois and S. V. Vostokov -- Galois representations in Honda's formal groups. Arithmetic of the group of points
  • D. Yu. Burago -- A lower bound for the complexity of the SPLIT-FIND problem for a pointer machine
  • S. V. Buyalo -- The finiteness theorem for three-dimensional manifolds of nonpositive curvature
  • E. P. Golubeva and O. M. Fomenko -- On two conjectures of Linnik
  • Yu. K. Dem'yanovich -- Local approximations of functions given on manifolds
  • V. V. Zhuk -- Seminorms and higher-order moduli of continuity
  • V. K. Zakharov -- Hyperstonean preimage of Alexandrov spaces
  • N. M. Ivochkina -- The variational principle and completely nonlinear second-order equations
  • A. I. Koshelev and S. I. Chelkak -- Regularity and weak regularity of solutions of quasilinear elliptic systems
  • N. B. Maslova -- Regularity of statistical solutions of the transport equations
  • A. A. Mekler -- On the symmetric envelope of averaging of symmetric ideals
  • S. C. Mikhlin -- On the history of mathematics at Leningrad State University at the end of the 1920s
  • N. S. Ermolaeva -- On the history of the St. Petersburg and Petrograd Mathematical Societies
  • A. M. Vershik -- St. Petersburg Mathematical Society
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