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Singularités Franco-Japonaises
Edited by: Jean-Paul Brasselet, CNRS, Marseille, France, and Tatsuo Suwa, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
A publication of the Société Mathématique de France.
Séminaires et Congrès
2005; 460 pp; softcover
Number: 10
ISBN-10: 2-85629-166-X
ISBN-13: 978-2-85629-166-5
List Price: US$82
Member Price: US$65.60
Order Code: SECO/10
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The second Franco-Japanese Singularity Conference was held in the CIRM (Marseille-Luminy) in September 2002. The proceedings of the meeting published in this volume show not only the diversity, but also the consistency of the fields discussed. The main topics covered by the lectures were characteristic classes, residues, stratifications, singularities of curves and surfaces, valuations, resolution of singularities, and toric varieties. Several papers present the results recently obtained in the field so as to be accessible to non-specialists and to users of singularity theory.

The volume is suitable for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in geometry and topology.

A publication of the Société Mathématique de France, Marseilles (SMF), distributed by the AMS in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Orders from other countries should be sent to the SMF. Members of the SMF receive a 30% discount from list.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in geometry and topology.

Table of Contents

  • F. Aroca and J. Snoussi -- Normal quasi-ordinary singularities
  • R. Bondil -- General elements of an \(m\)-primary ideal on a normal surface singularity
  • J.-P. Brasselet, J. Seade, and T. Suwa -- An explicit cycle representing the Fulton-Johnson class, I
  • T. Brélivet -- Sur les paires spectrales de polynômes à deux variables
  • D. Garber -- On the connection between affine and projective fundamental groups of line arrangements and curves
  • H. A. Hamm and D. T. Lê -- On the Picard group for non-complete algebraic varieties
  • H. Hironaka -- Three key theorems on infinitely near singularities
  • D. Juniati and D. Trotman -- Determination of Lipschitz stratifications for the surfaces \(y^a=z^bx^c+x^d\)
  • V. P. Kostov -- On arrangements of the roots of a hyperbolic polynomial and of one of its derivatives
  • K. Kurdyka and L. Paunescu -- Arc-analyticity is an open property
  • I. Luengo and A. Pichon -- Lê's conjecture for cyclic covers
  • Y. Nakamura and S. Tajima -- Unimodal singularities and differential operators
  • M. Oka -- A survey on Alexander polynomials of plane curves
  • H. Ohta and K. Ono -- Symplectic 1-manifolds containing singular rational curves with \((2,3)\)-cusp
  • A. Parusiński -- Integrability of some functions on semi-analytic sets
  • P. Polo -- Construction d'hypersurfaces affines à cohomologie d'intersection prescrite
  • T. Suwa -- Residues of Chern classes on singular varieties
  • S. Tajima and Y. Nakamura -- Computational aspects of Grothendieck local residues
  • H. Tokunaga -- \(2\)-dimensional versal \(S_4\)-covers and rational elliptic surfaces
  • T. Tomaru -- On some classes of weakly Kodaira singularities
  • M. Tosun -- ADE surface singularities, chambers and toric varieties
  • S. Tsuboi -- The Chern numbers of the normalization of an algebraic threefold with ordinary singularities
  • N. C. Tu -- On semi-stable, singular cubic surfaces
  • M. Vaquié -- Famille admise associée à une valuation de \(K\[x\]\)
  • S. Yokura -- Generalized Ginzburg-Chern classes
  • A. Y. Yoshikawa and K. Yoshikawa -- Isolated critical points and adiabatic limits of Chern forms
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