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Contributions to Algebraic Geometry: Impanga Lecture Notes
Edited by: Piotr Pragacz, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
A publication of the European Mathematical Society.
EMS Series of Congress Reports
2012; 516 pp; hardcover
Volume: 6
ISBN-10: 3-03719-114-7
ISBN-13: 978-3-03719-114-9
List Price: US$128
Member Price: US$102.40
Order Code: EMSSCR/6
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The articles in this volume are the outcome of the Impanga Conference on Algebraic Geometry in 2010 at the Banach Center in Bedlewo. The following spectrum of topics is covered:

  • K3 surfaces and Enriques surfaces
  • Prym varieties and their moduli
  • invariants of singularities in birational geometry
  • differential forms on singular spaces
  • Minimal Model Program
  • linear systems
  • toric varieties
  • Seshadri and packing constants
  • equivariant cohomology
  • Thom polynomials
  • arithmetic questions

The main purpose of the volume is to give comprehensive introductions to the above topics, starting from an elementary level and ending with a discussion of current research.

The first four topics are represented by the notes from the mini courses held during the conference. In the articles, the reader will find classical results and methods, as well as modern ones.

This book is addressed to researchers and graduate students in algebraic geometry, singularity theory, and algebraic topology. Most of the material in this volume has not yet appeared in book form.

A publication of the European Mathematical Society (EMS). Distributed within the Americas by the American Mathematical Society.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in algebraic geometry, singularity theory, and algebraic topology.

Table of Contents

  • P. Blass -- The influence of Oscar Zariski on algebraic geometry
  • K. Altmann, N. O. Ilten, L. Petersen, H. Süß, and R. Vollmert -- The geometry of T-varieties
  • D. Anderson -- Introduction to equivariant cohomology in algebraic geometry
  • T. Bauer, C. Bocci, S. Cooper, S. Di Rocco, M. Dumnicki, B. Harbourne, K. Jabbusch, A. L. Knutsen, A. Küronya, R. Miranda, J. Roé, H. Schenck, T. Szemberg, and Z. Teitler -- Recent developments and open problems in linear series
  • G. Bérczi -- Moduli of map germs, Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture
  • P. Cascini and V. Lazić -- The Minimal Model Program revisited
  • S. Cynk and S. Rams -- Invariants of hypersurfaces and logarithmic differential forms
  • G. Farkas -- Prym varieties and their moduli
  • L. Gatto and I. Scherbak -- On generalized Wrońskians
  • K. Hutchinson and M. Vlasenko -- Lines crossing a tetrahedron and the Bloch group
  • A. Hochenegger and F. Witt -- On complex and symplectic toric stacks
  • C. Jörder and S. Kebekus -- Deformation along subsheaves, II
  • M. Kapustka -- Some degenerations of \(G_2\) and Calabi-Yau varieties
  • M. Michałek -- Notes on Kebekus' lectures on differential forms on singular spaces
  • S. Mukai -- Lecture notes on \(K3\) and Enriques surfaces
  • M. Mustaţă -- IMPANGA lecture notes on log canonical thresholds
  • O. Öztürk and P. Pragacz -- On Schur function expansions of Thom polynomials
  • M. Szyjewski -- A note on the kernel of the norm map
  • H. Tutaj-Gasińska -- Seshadri and packing constants
  • List of contributors
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