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Riot at the Calc Exam and Other Mathematically Bent Stories
Colin Adams, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

2009; 271 pp; softcover
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4817-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4817-3
List Price: US$34
Member Price: US$27.20
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What's so funny about math? Lots! Especially if you're mathematically bent. In the world of Colin Adams, differential equations bring on tears of laughter. Hollywood producers hire algebraic geometers to punch up a script. In this world, math and humor are synonymous. Riot at the Calc Exam is a proof of this fact.

A collection of humorous math stories, this book gives a window into mathematics and the culture of mathematicians. Appropriate for mathematicians, math students, math teachers, lay people with an interest in mathematics, and indeed everyone else. This book is a romp through the wild world of mathematics.


General mathematical audience interested in light mathematical reading.


"Colin Adams writes some pretty funny mathematical tales, covering everything from the job interview to theorem proving to mathematical couture...had me laughing out loud. None of the stories require any mathematical sophistication to enjoy... any student would be able to enjoy this book."

-- Gregory P. Dresden, MAA Online

"...a funny book. The author plays everything for laughs, and there's a lot to laugh at. ...I consider [the author] one of the funniest mathematicians I have ever met. This book bears that out."

-- Cap Khoury, Not About Apples (Blog)

"Finally, a collection of hilarious mathematical stories by Colin Adams! ...I'm very pleased to see that this book is available because Colin Adams is the funniest mathematician I know..."

-- Mathematical Fiction (Blog)

"This book would make a great gift for that special person in your life who likes to read funny stories about math Funny-o-Meter was definitely pointing somewhere between "amazing" and "hilarious"."

-- The Math Less Traveled (Blog)

"... rush for a copy...the reading is murderously funny, but includes some subtleties to think [about]."

-- Jesus M. Ruiz, The European Mathematical Society

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