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Algebraic Structures and Their Representations
Edited by: José A. de la Peña, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico, Ernesto Vallejo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Morelia, Mexico, and Natig Atakishiyev, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Contemporary Mathematics
2005; 436 pp; softcover
Volume: 376
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3630-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3630-9
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The Latin-American conference on algebra, the XV Coloquio Latinoamericano de Álgebra (Cocoyoc, México), consisted of plenary sessions of general interest and special sessions on algebraic combinatorics, associative rings, cohomology of rings and algebras, commutative algebra, group representations, Hopf algebras, number theory, quantum groups, and representation theory of algebras.

This proceedings volume contains original research papers related to talks at the colloquium. In addition, there are several surveys presenting important topics to a broad mathematical audience. There are also two invited papers by Raymundo Bautista and Roberto Martínez, founders of the Mexican school of representation theory of algebras.

The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in algebra.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in algebra.

Table of Contents

  • R. Alfaro and A. Kelarev -- Recent results on ring constructions for error-correcting codes
  • I. Assem, F. U. Coelho, M. Lanzilotta, D. Smith, and S. Trepode -- Algebras determined by their left and right parts
  • E. L. Green -- The work of Roberto Martínez-Villa
  • E. Guardo -- A survey on fat points on a smooth quadric
  • C. M. Ringel -- Bautista and the development of the representation theory of Artin algebras
  • M. Takeuchi -- A survey on Nichols algebras
  • Y. Yoshino -- Approximations by modules of G-dimension zero
  • M. Aguiar and N. Andruskiewitsch -- Representations of matched pairs of groupoids and applications to weak Hopf algebras
  • V. A. Artamonov -- On symmetries of quasicrystals
  • M. J. Asiain -- Frattini-type and Fitting-type subgroups
  • N. M. Atakishiyev and A. U. Klimyk -- Representations of the quantum algebra su\(_q(1,1)\) and duality of \(q\)-orthogonal polynomials
  • G. Böhm -- Internal bialgebroids, entwining structures and corings
  • R. Coquereaux -- The \(A_2\) Ocneanu quantum groupoïd
  • W. Cortes -- Skew Armendariz rings and annihilator ideals of skew polynomial rings
  • D. Flores de Chela -- Quantum symmetric algebras as braided Hopf algebras
  • I. Gitler, E. Reyes, and R. H. Villarreal -- Blowup algebras of ideals of vertex covers of bipartite graphs
  • D. Happel and L. Unger -- Minimal elements in the poset of tilting modules
  • E. Karolinsky, A. Stolin, and V. Tarasov -- Dynamical twists and quantization
  • V. K. Kharchenko and A. Andrade -- On the combinatorial rank of Hopf algebras
  • I. Lizasoain -- A tensor product of projective \(G\)-groups
  • L. Marino -- The minimum degree of a surface that passes through all the points of a 0-dimensional scheme but a point P
  • S. Montgomery -- Primitive ideals and Jacobson radicals in Hopf Galois extensions
  • R. C. Orellana -- On the algebraic decomposition of a centralizer algebra of the hyperoctahedral group
  • S. Rodríguez-Romo -- Quantum group global symmetries of quantum chains. States for linear chains with left end open and right end closed
  • S. Rodríguez-Romo and E. J. Taft -- One-sided Hopf algebras
  • F. L. Williams -- BTZ black hole and Jacobi inversion for fundamental domains of infinite volume
  • T. Yanai -- Galois correspondence theorem for Hopf algebra actions
  • A. G. Zavadskij -- On two-point differentiation and its generalization
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