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Jerusalem Combinatorics '93
Edited by: Hélène Barcelo and Gil Kalai

Contemporary Mathematics
1994; 360 pp; softcover
Volume: 178
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0294-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0294-6
List Price: US$82
Member Price: US$65.60
Order Code: CONM/178
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This book contains twenty-two papers presented at the International Conference in Combinatorics, held in Jerusalem in May 1993. The papers describe some of the latest developments in algebraic combinatorics, enumeration, graph and hypergraph theory, combinatorial geometry, and geometry of polytopes and arrangements. The papers are accessible to specialists as well as nonspecialists.


Combinatorists, algebraists, and computer scientists.

Table of Contents

  • R. M. Adin -- On \(h\)-vectors and symmetry
  • H. Barcelo and A. Goupil -- Combinatorial aspects of the Poincaré polynomial associated with a reflection group
  • A. Björner -- Partial unimodality for \(f\)-vectors of simplicial polytopes and spheres
  • M. Bousquet-Mélou -- Polyominoes and polygons
  • F. Brenti -- Log-concave and unimodal sequences in algebra, combinatorics, and geometry: An update
  • Z. Deutsch -- A fine classification of closed planar sets according to their non-seeing property
  • A. Deza and M. Deza -- On the skeleton of the dual cut polytope
  • S. B. Ekhad and D. Zeilberger -- A High-school Algebra, "formal calculus," proof of the Bieberbach conjecture [after L. Weinstein]
  • K. Eriksson -- Node firing games on graphs
  • A. Goupil -- Combinatorial presentation of the structure constants of the center of the group algebra of \({\mathfrak S}_n\)
  • J. E. Graver, B. Servatius, and H. Servatius -- Abstract rigidity in \(m\)-space
  • G. Hurlbert and G. Isaak -- A meshing technique for de Bruijn tori
  • P. Jeavons, D. Cohen, and M. Gyssens -- A structural decomposition for hypergraphs
  • M. Laurent -- Hypercube embedding of distances with few values
  • A. Nilli -- On Borsuk's problem
  • J. Richter-Gebert and G. M. Ziegler -- Zonotopal tilings and the Bohne-Dress theorem
  • G. Shabat and A. Zvonkin -- Plane trees and algebraic numbers
  • S. Sundaram -- Applications of the Hopf trace formula to computing homology representations
  • S. Teller and M. Hohmeyer -- Stabbing oriented convex polygons in randomized \(O(n^2)\) time
  • H. Tverberg -- On the finitization of Eckhoff's conjecture
  • S. T. Vrećica and R. T. Živaljević -- New cases of the colored Tverberg theorem
  • V. Welker -- Shellability in the lattice of subgroups of a finite group
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