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Approximation, Interpolation, and Summability
Edited by: S. Baron and D. Leviatan
A publication of Bar-Ilan University.
Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings
1992; 284 pp; softcover
Volume: 4
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This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference in honor of the sixty-fifth birthday of Professor Amnon Jakimovski. The conference, "Approximation, Interpolation, and Summability," was held at Tel-Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University in June 1990. A leading figure in mathematics in Israel and internationally, Professor Jakimovski has distinguished himself for his research in the area of the conference and particularly in summability, inclusion and consistency theorems, Tauberian theorems, analytic continuation, Toeplitz bases, and integral transforms. The papers in this volume range from current research to surveys and expository works. All of the articles were refereed and presented at the conference.

A publication of the Bar-Ilan University. Distributed worldwide by the AMS.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • S. Baron and D. Leviatan -- Prof. Amnon Jakimovski--On his sixty-fifth birthday
  • D. C. Russell -- Interpolation--Some work of Amnon Jakimovski
  • G. A. Anastassiou, C. Cottin, and H. H. Gonska -- Global smoothness preservation by multivariate approximation operators
  • W. Beekmann and S.-C. Chang -- On distinguished subsets and conullity of \(FK\)-spaces
  • H. Berens and Y. Xu -- On Bernstein-Durrmeyer polynomials with Jacobi-weights: The cases \(p=1\) and \(p=\infty\)
  • J. Boos and T. Leiger -- Weak domains of operator valued matrices
  • D. Borwein -- The non-local nature of the summability of Fourier series by certain absolute Reisz methods
  • Yu. A. Brudnyi -- The phenomenon of "Better than Best" approximation
  • M. Buntinas and N. Tanović-Miller -- Integrability classes and summability
  • P. L. Butzer and M. Hauss -- Stirling functions of first and second kind; Some new applications
  • W. Chen and Z. Ditzian -- Multivariate Durrmeyer-Bernstein operators
  • Z. Ciesielski -- Numerical weighted integration of convex functions of algebraic polynomials over cubes
  • C. Franchetti -- On the Jung constant in Banach spaces with a symmetric norm
  • H. Gingold -- Eventual summability at a singular point
  • M. V. Golitschek -- Existence theorems in multivariate approximation
  • E. Jürimäe -- Replaceability for \(\lambda\)-summability
  • J. Lippus -- Fourier multipliers of classes of functions with a given order of magnitude of the modulus of continuity
  • G. Mastroianni and J. Szabados -- Polynomial approximation of analytic functions with singularities
  • H. Mevissen and R. J. Nessel -- Riemann integrability and the best approximation by trigonometric polynomials
  • F. Móricz -- Integrability of double trigonometric series in the sense of improper Riemann integral
  • J. Müller -- Approximation with lacunary polynomials in the complex plane
  • P. Rabinowitz -- Uniform convergence of Cauchy principal value integrals of interpolating splines
  • W. Schempp -- Holographic neural networks and holographic fractals
  • B. Shekhtman -- Some idempotent matrices of large rank
  • P. Vértesi -- Recent results on Hermite-Fejér interpolations of higher order (uniform metric)
  • X.-L. Zhou -- Approximation by Hermite-Fejér operators
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