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Topology and Geometry: Commemorating SISTAG
Edited by: A. J. Berrick, Man Chun Leung, and Xingwang Xu, National University of Singapore

Contemporary Mathematics
2003; 263 pp; softcover
Volume: 314
ISBN-10: 0-8218-2820-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-2820-5
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This book presents nineteen refereed articles written by participants in the Singapore International Symposium in Topology and Geometry (SISTAG), held July 2-6, 2001, at the National University of Singapore. Rather than being a simple snapshot of the meeting in the form of a proceedings, it serves as a commemorative volume consisting of papers selected to show the diversity and depth of the mathematics presented at SISTAG.

The book contains articles on low-dimensional topology, algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, and algebraic topology. While papers reflect the focus of the conference, many documents written after SISTAG and included in this volume represent the latest thinking in the fields of topology and geometry. While representation from Pacific Rim countries is strong, the list of contributors is international in scope and includes many recognized experts.

This volume is of interest to graduate students and mathematicians working in the fields of algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, algebraic, geometric and low-dimensional topology, and mathematical physics.


Advanced graduate students and researchers working in geometry or topology.

Table of Contents

  • A. G. Aleksandrov -- Moduli of logarithmic connections along a free divisor
  • S. Altinok, G. Brown, and M. Reid -- Fano 3-folds, K3 surfaces and graded rings
  • I. Bokor -- A notion of connected sum for certain \(CW\)-complexes
  • Y. S. Cho -- The cohomology ring of \(S^2\)-fibrations
  • C. M. Gordon -- Links and their complements
  • B. Hassett and Y. Tschinkel -- On the effective cone and the moduli space of pointed rational curves
  • J. A. Hillman -- On 4-dimensional mapping tori
  • W. Jaco, D. Letscher, and J. H. Rubinstein -- Algorithms for essential surfaces in 3-manifolds
  • D. Joyce -- On counting special Lagrangian homology 3-spheres
  • Y. Kamiya and K. Shimomura -- \(E_*\)-homology spheres for a connective spectrum \(E\)
  • B. H. Lian, K. Liu, and S.-T. Yau -- Some applications of mirror principle
  • R. Mazzeo and F. Pacard -- Bifurcating nodoids
  • M. McQuillan -- Formal formal schemes
  • Y.-G. Oh -- Holomorphic volume preserving maps and special Lagrangian submanifolds
  • S. Pan -- On a new curve evolution problem in the plane
  • C. Shen and F. Wang -- Some applications of the theory of critical points
  • Y.-B. Shen -- On complete submanifolds with parallel mean curvature in \(R^{n+p}\)
  • Y. Yu and J. Zhou -- Semi-classical asymptotics
  • D.-Q. Zhang -- On endomorphisms of algebraic surfaces
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