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Statistical Mechanics and the Theory of Dynamical Systems
Edited by: N. N. Bogolyubov, Jr.

Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
1992; 243 pp; softcover
Volume: 191
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3144-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3144-1
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This volume contains articles covering a wide range of current directions in modern statistical mechanics and dynamical systems theory. Scientists, researchers, and students working in mathematical physics and statistical mechanics will find this book of great interest. Among the topics covered are: phase transition problems, including superconductivity and superfluidity; methods of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and fluctuation theory; quantum collective phenomena; superradiance; spin glasses; polaron problems; chains of Bogolyubov equations and kinetic equations; algebraic aspects of quantum-dynamical semigroups; the collective variables method; and qualitative properties of classical dynamical systems.


Scientists, researchers, and students working in mathematical physics and statistical mechanics.

Table of Contents

  • N. N. Bogolyubov -- On a new method in the theory of superconductivity
  • N. N. Bogolyubov, Jr., A. N. Kireev, A. M. Kurbatov, and D. P. Sankovich -- Some problems in polaron theory
  • D. V. Anosov -- How curves on the universal covering plane that cover nonselfintersecting curves on a closed surface can go to infinity
  • N. M. Bogolyubov and V. E. Korepin -- The mechanism of Cooper pairing in the one-dimensional Hubbard model
  • V. N. Popov -- Quantum crystallization of a nonideal Bose gas
  • Yu. A. Tserkovnikov -- On the theory of a nonideal Bose gas
  • N. N. Bogolyubov, Jr. and A. S. Shumovskiĭ -- Collective quantum effects in the problem of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with a medium
  • V. P. Kovrov and A. M. Kurbatov -- The concept of Bogolyubov quasimeans in the theory of disordered systems
  • V. A. Moskalenko and S. P. Kozhukar' -- An axial model for quadrupolar glasses
  • D. P. Sankovich -- Infrared bounds in the theory of phase transitions
  • Ya. G. Sinaĭ -- On limit theorems for Weyl multiple trigonometric sums
  • A. S. Kholevo -- Stochastic representations of quantum dynamical semigroups
  • D. N. Zubarev and V. G. Morozov -- Nonequilibrium statistical ensembles in kinetic theory and hydrodynamics
  • Yu. L. Klimontovich -- Dynamical and statistical methods in the theory of nonequilibrium processes
  • I. P. Pavlotskiĭ -- Bogolyubov chains and the Vlasov and Wigner kinetic equations in post-Galilean approximation
  • S. V. Peletminskiĭ -- Superfluidity in a model for a Fermi liquid
  • D. Ya. Petrina -- The thermodynamic limit of solutions of the Bogolyubov equations
  • I. R. Yukhnovskiĭ -- The grand partition function in the method of collective variables and its application to the investigation of the liquid-gas phase transition
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