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The Sixth Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics
Edited by: Stephen P. Braham, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada, and Jack D. Gegenberg and Robert J. McKellar, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada
A co-publication of the AMS and Fields Institute.

Fields Institute Communications
1997; 373 pp; hardcover
Volume: 15
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0523-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0523-7
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This volume is the refereed proceedings of the Sixth Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics held in May 1995 at the University of New Brunswick. The book includes invited talks and contributed talks and posters including state-of-the-art reviews of many of the most recent important developments in gravitational physics. This book would serve as a good supplement to standard texts on the topic.


  • Review articles in key areas: black holes, numerical relativity, etc.
  • Contributions covering most of gravitational physics.
  • Useful articles for students who wish to begin exploring the issues discussed.
  • Invited talks given by researchers known for their ability to communicate their expertise.

Titles in this series are co-published with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).


Graduate students, mathematicians, theoretical and mathematical physicists interested in general relativity and high energy physics; astrophysicists, astronomers, and differential geometers.

Table of Contents

Invited Talks
  • C. P. Burgess, R. C. Myers, and F. Quevedo -- Four dimensional black holes and duality in superstring theory
  • A. A. Coley -- Self-similarity and cosmology
  • J. L. Friedman -- Field theory on spacetimes that are not globally hyperbolic
  • J. Isenberg -- Solving the Einstein constraint equations
  • W. Israel -- Covariant double-null dynamics and the internal geometry of aspherical black holes
  • D. Louis-Martinez and G. Kunstatter -- Charged black holes in generic 2-D dilaton gravity
  • E. Poisson -- Gravitational waves from coalescing compact binaries
  • J. Pullin -- Colliding black holes with linearized gravity
  • C. G. Torre -- Spinors, jets, and the Einstein equations
  • R. M. Wald -- The laws of black hole mechanics in an arbitrary Lagrangian theory of gravity
  • M. J. West -- Black holes, galaxy formation and the large-scale structure of the universe
Contributed Talks and Posters
  • P. Anninos, D. Hobill, E. Seidel, L. Smarr, and W.-M. Suen -- When black holes collide
  • P. M. Benoit and A. A. Coley -- A new class of spherically symmetric perfect fluid solutions with kinematic self-similarity
  • A. Billyard and P. S. Wesson -- A wave-like solution in Kaluza-Klein theory
  • A. Bonanno -- Mass inflation in a rotating charged hole
  • S. P. Braham -- Quantum black holes and hypertime
  • J. Carot and J. da Costa -- Symmetries of matter distributions
  • A. Chamblin -- Topology and causal structure
  • K. C. K. Chan -- Charged dilaton black holes with unusual asymptotics
  • K. C.-K. Chu, C. E. Farell, G. J. Fee, and R. G. McLenaghan -- General relativity calculations in Maple
  • A. A. Coley -- Vacuum solutions of Gauss-Bonnet theory and induced cosmological models
  • J. D. E. Creighton and R. B. Mann -- Quasilocal formalism for dilaton gravity with Yang-Mills fields
  • B. Darian and H. P. Künzle -- Einstein-Yang-Mills cosmology with Taub-type symmetry
  • G. Davies -- Using the Schrödinger equation for astrophysical and cosmological simulations
  • J.-G. Demers -- Decoherence of the Unruh detector
  • J.-G. Demers, R. Lafrance, and R. C. Myers -- Black hole entropy and renormalization
  • K. A. Dunn, T. A. Harriott, and J. G. Williams -- Matching conditions for the 1+1 de Sitter kinked spacetime
  • V. Faraoni, F. I. Cooperstock, and J. M. Overduin -- COBE Constraints on Kaluza-Klein cosmologies
  • A. Feinstein, J. Ibáñez, and R. Lazkoz -- Cosmologies with two-dimensional inhomogeneity
  • S. W. Goode and S. Bullock -- Stiff matter \(G_{2}\) cosmologies
  • G. S. Hall -- Projective symmetry in space-times
  • D. Kalligas and P. S. Wesson -- Light repulsion in higher-dimensional relativity
  • N. Kaloper -- A no-go theorem in string cosmology
  • M. Kavian, R. G. McLenaghan, and K. O. Geddes -- MapleTensor: A new system for performing indicial and component tensor calculations by computer
  • R. R. Khuri and R. C. Myers -- Low-energy scattering of extreme black holes in string theory
  • E. A. Martinez -- Entropy of eternal black holes
  • R. G. McLenaghan and F. D. Sasse -- Nonexistence of Petrov type III space-times on which Weyl's neutrino equation and Maxwell's equations satisfy Huygens' principle
  • R. G. McLenaghan and D. M. Walker -- Symmetry operators for the Weyl neutrino equation on curved spacetime
  • G. Michaud and R. C. Myers -- Two-dimensional dilaton black holes
  • J. R. Mureika and R. B. Mann -- Gravitationally-induced three-flavor neutrino oscillations as a possible solution to the solar neutrino problem
  • P. Musgrave and K. Lake -- Differential invariants and regularity
  • P. Musgrave, D. Pollney, and K. Lake -- GRTensorII: A computer algebra system for general relativity
  • G. P. Perry and F. I. Cooperstock -- Exact solution for two charged spherically symmetric sources in equilibrium
  • J. Ponce de Leon and P. S. Wesson -- The equation of motion in higher-dimensional gravity
  • D. S. Salopek -- The nature of cosmic time
  • K. Schleich and D. Witt -- Numerical quantum gravity by dynamical triangulation
  • B. O. J. Tupper -- Conformal motions in spherical and plane symmetric spacetimes
  • R. van den Hoogen -- Dissipative cosmology
  • J. G. Williams and P. D. Zvengrowski -- Counting kinks in 1+1 dimensions
  • D. Witt and K. Schleich -- Toward a definition of chaos for general relativity
  • E. Woolgar -- Causal precedence formalism
  • Appendix: List of participants
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