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Domain Decomposition Methods 10
Edited by: Jan Mandel, University of Colorado, Denver, CO, and Charbel Farhat and Xiao-Chuan Cai, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Contemporary Mathematics
1998; 554 pp; softcover
Volume: 218
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0988-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0988-4
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This volume contains the proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, which focused on the latest developments in realistic applications in structural mechanics, structural dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and heat transfer. The proceedings of these conferences have become standard references in the field and contain seminal papers as well as the latest theoretical results and reports on practical applications.

This volume is divided into four parts: the first part contains invited papers (some of which survey developments over the past decade), and the other parts gather material from minisymposia and contributed presentations under three headings: Algorithms, Theory, and Applications.


Researchers; graduate students; practitioners in scientific computing, particularly numerical solution of partial differential equations; engineers; computer scientists.


"Experienced researchers would find these proceedings very useful. In particular, various new applications and new algorithms can be found here."

-- SIAM Review

Table of Contents

Invited presentations
  • Y. Achdou, G. Abdoulaev, J.-C. Hontand, Y. A. Kuznetsov, O. Pironneau, and C. Prud'homme -- Nonmatching grids for fluids
  • T. J. Barth, T. F. C. Chan, and W.-P. Tang -- A parallel non-overlapping domain-decomposition algorithm for compressible fluid flow problems on triangulated domains
  • A. de La Bourdonnaye, C. Farhat, A. Macedo, F. Magoulès, and F.-X. Roux -- A non-overlapping domain decomposition method for the exterior Helmholtz problem
  • T. F. C. Chan, J. Xu, and L. Zikatanov -- An agglomeration multigrid method for unstructured grids
  • Z. Dostál, A. Friedlander, and S. A. Santos -- Solution of coercive and semicoercive contact problems by FETI domain decomposition
  • M. Dryja -- An iterative substructuring method for elliptic mortar finite element problems with discontinuous coefficients
  • M. S. Espedal, K. J. Hersvik, and B. G. Ersland -- Domain decomposition methods for flow in heterogeneous porous media
  • R. Glowinski, T.-W. Pan, T. I. Hesla, D. D. Joseph, and J. Periaux -- A fictitious domain method with distributed Lagrange multipliers for the numerical simulation of particulate flow
  • L. F. Pavarino -- Domain decomposition algorithms for saddle point problems
  • F.-X. Roux and C. Farhat -- Parallel implementation of direct solution strategies for the coarse grid solvers in 2-level FETI method
  • Y. Saad, M. Sosonkina, and J. Zhang -- Domain decomposition and multi-level type techniques for general sparse linear systems
  • S. J. Sherwin, T. C. E. Warburton, and G. E. Karniadakis -- Spectral/\(hp\) methods for elliptic problems on hybrid grids
  • M. F. Wheeler and I. Yotov -- Physical and computational domain decompositions for modeling subsurface flows
  • I. Bica -- Nonoverlapping domain decomposition algorithms for the \(p\)-version finite element method for elliptic problems
  • D. Dureisseix and P. Ladeveze -- A 2-level and mixed domain decomposition approach for structural analysis
  • S. Fujima -- Iso-P2 P1/P1/P1 domain-decomposition/finite-element method for the Navier-Stokes equations
  • S. Goossens, X.-C. Cai, and D. Roose -- Overlapping nonmatching grids method: Some preliminary studies
  • C. Grandmont and Y. Maday -- Nonconforming grids for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction
  • M. Griebel and G. W. Zumbusch -- Hash-storage techniques for adaptive multilevel solvers and their domain decomposition parallelization
  • C. Japhet, F. Nataf, and F.-X. Roux -- Extension of a coarse grid preconditioner to non-symmetric problems
  • D. K. Kaushik, D. E. Keyes, and B. F. Smith -- On the interaction of architecture and algorithm in the domain-based parallelization of an unstructured-grid incompressible flow code
  • A. Klawonn -- Additive domain decomposition algorithms for a class of mixed finite element methods
  • C. Lacour -- Non-conforming domain decomposition method for plate and shell problems
  • C.-H. Lai and K. Chen -- Solutions of boundary element equations by a flexible elimination process
  • M. Lesoinne and K. Pierson -- An efficient FETI implementation on distributed shared memory machines with independent numbers of subdomains and processors
  • L. C. McInnes, R. F. Susan-Resiga, D. E. Keyes, and H. Atassi -- Additive Schwarz methods with nonreflecting boundary conditions for the parallel computation of Helmholtz problems
  • F. Risler and C. Rey -- On the Reuse of Ritz vectors for the solution to nonlinear elasticity problems by domain decomposition methods
  • D. J. Rixen -- Dual Schur complement method for semi-definite problems
  • P. Vanek, J. Mandel, and M. Brezina -- Two-level algebraic multigrid for the Helmholtz problem
  • A. H. Veenstra, H. X. Lin, and E. A. H. Vollebregt -- A comparison of scalability of different parallel iterative methods for shallow water equations
  • D. Yang -- A nonoverlapping subdomain algorithm with Lagrange multipliers and its object oriented implementation for interface problems
  • Y. Achdou and F. Nataf -- A Robin-Robin preconditioner for an advection-diffusion problem
  • F. L. Bourquin and R. Namar -- A semi-dual mode synthesis method for plate bending vibrations
  • X.-C. Cai, M. A. Casarin, F. W. Elliott, and O. B. Widlund -- Overlapping Schwarz algorithms for solving Helmholtz's equation
  • P. Chevalier and F. Nataf -- Symmetrized method with optimized second-order conditions for the Helmholtz equation
  • S. Clerc -- Non-overlapping Schwarz method for systems of first order equations
  • X. Feng -- Interface conditions and non-overlapping domain decomposition methods for a fluid-solid interaction problem
  • M. J. Gander -- Overlapping Schwarz waveform relaxation for parabolic problems
  • K. E. Gustafson -- Domain decomposition, operator trigonometry, Robin condition
  • G. M.-K. Hui and H. S. G. Swann -- On orthogonal polynomial bases for triangles and tetrahedra invariant under the symmetric group
  • S.-H. Lui -- On Schwarz alternating methods for nonlinear elliptic problems
  • P. Seshaiyer and M. Suri -- Convergence results for non-conforming \(hp\) methods: The mortar finite element method
  • Z. Shi and Z. Xie -- Intergrid transfer oeprators for biharmonic problems using nonconforming plate elements on nonnested meshes
  • Y. Wu, X.-C. Cai, and D. E. Keyes -- Additive Schwarz methods for hyperbolic equations
  • X.-C. Cai, C. Farhat, and M. Sarkis -- A minimum overlap restricted additive Schwarz preconditioner and applications in 3D flow simulations
  • D. Crann, A. J. Davies, C.-H. Lai, and S. H. Leong -- Time domain decomposition for European options in financial modelling
  • J.-M. Cros -- Parallel modal synthesis methods in structural dynamics
  • G. S. Djambazov, C.-H. Lai, and K. A. Pericleous -- Efficient computation of aerodynamic noise
  • F.-C. Otto and G. Lube -- Non-overlapping domain decomposition applied to incompressible flow problems
  • C. J. Palansuriya, C.-H. Lai, C. S. Ierotheou, and K. A. Pericleous -- A domain decomposition based algorithm for nonlinear 2D inverse heat conduction problems
  • X.-C. Tai, J. Froyen, M. S. Espedal, and T. F. C. Chan -- Overlapping domain decomposition and multigrid methods for inverse problems
  • A. Toselli -- Some results on Schwarz methods for a low-frequency approximation of time-dependent Maxwell's equations in conductive media
  • R. L. Verweij, A. Twerda, and T. W. J. Peeters -- Parallel computing for reacting flows using adaptive grid refinement
  • C. Wieners and B. I. Wohlmuth -- The coupling of mixed and conforming finite element discretizations
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