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Fluid Dynamics in Biology
Edited by: A. Y. Cheer and C. P. van Dam

Contemporary Mathematics
1993; 586 pp; softcover
Volume: 141
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5148-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5148-7
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This book contains nearly all the papers presented at the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Biofluiddynamics, held in July 1991, at the University of Washington, Seattle. The lead paper, by Sir James Lighthill, presents a comprehensive review of external flows in biology. The other papers on external and internal flows illuminate developments in the protean field of biofluiddynamics from diverse viewpoints, reflecting the field's multidisciplinary nature. For this reason, the book appeals to mathematicians, biologists, engineers, physiologists, cardiologists, and oceanographers.

The papers highlight a number of problems that have remained largely unexplored due to the difficulty of addressing biological flow motions, which are often governed by large systems of nonlinear differential equations and involve complex geometries. However, recent advances in computational fluid dynamics have expanded opportunities to solve such problems. These developments have increased interest in areas such as the mechanisms of blood and air flow in humans, the dynamic ecology of the oceans, animal swimming and flight, to name a few. This volume addresses many of these flow problems.


Biologists with interest in fluid dynamics, applied mathematicians, engineers, physiologists, and oceanographers.

Table of Contents

  • J. Lighthill -- Biofluiddynamics: A survey
  • M. R. Koehl -- Hairy little legs: Feeding, smelling, and swimming at low Reynolds numbers
  • M. W. Denny -- Disturbance, natural selection, and the prediction of maximal wave-induced forces
  • L. J. Fauci -- Computational modeling of the swimming of biflagellated algal cells
  • M. Murase -- Mechanical approach toward flagellar motility
  • C. Loudon and D. N. Alstad -- Mechanical analysis of particle capture by rectangular-mesh nets
  • S. L. Sanderson and A. Y. Cheer -- Fish as filters: An empirical and mathematical analysis
  • C. S. Peskin and D. M. McQueen -- Computational biofluid dynamics
  • J. Lighthill -- Acoustic streaming in the ear itself
  • C. Kiris, S. Rogers, D. Kwak, and I.-D. Chang -- Computation of incompressible viscous flows through artificial heart devices with moving boundaries
  • A. A. Mayo and C. S. Peskin -- An implicit numerical method for fluid dynamics problems with immersed elastic boundaries
  • A. L. Fogelson -- Continuum models of platelet aggregation: Mechanical properties and chemically-induced phase transitions
  • D. Halpern and J. B. Grotberg -- Surface-tension instabilities of liquid-lined elastic tubes
  • E. B. Pitman, H. E. Layton, and L. C. Moore -- Dynamic flow in the nephron: Filtered delay in the TGF pathway
  • H. Huang, V. J. Modi, and B. R. Seymour -- A new finite-difference scheme and its application to flows in stenosed arteries
  • J. M. V. Rayner -- On aerodynamics and the energetics of vertebrate flapping flight
  • G. R. Spedding -- On the significance of unsteady effects in the aerodynamic performance of flying animals
  • H. de la Cueva and R. W. Blake -- Mechanics and energetics of ground effect in flapping flight
  • D. Weihs -- Stability of aquatic animal locomotion
  • C. P. van Dam, K. Nikfetrat, and P. M. H. W. Vijgen -- Lift and drag calculations for wings and tails: Techniques and applications
  • S. A. Berger -- Flow in large blood vessels
  • T. W. Secomb -- The mechanics of blood flow in capillaries
  • C. G. Yam and H. A. Dwyer -- Unsteady flow in a curved pipe
  • M. LaBarbera -- Optimality in biological fluid transport systems
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