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Commutative Harmonic Analysis
Edited by: David Colella

Contemporary Mathematics
1989; 305 pp; softcover
Volume: 91
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5097-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5097-8
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An exciting array of both expository and research articles are contained in this volume, which represents the proceedings of a conference on commutative harmonic analysis, held in July 1987 and sponsored by St.Lawrence University and GTE Corporation. The book brings together a host of articles by some of the top researchers in this field and provides an in-depth look at recent progress on many of the diverse areas of current research. Requiring a basic knowledge of Fourier analysis on commutative groups and a familiarity with Euclidean harmonic analysis, this book will be of interest to those beginning research in commutative harmonic analysis. In addition, those currently working in the field will find this book valuable for the broad overview it affords of this important research area.

Table of Contents

  • A. Atzmon -- Spaces of entire functions with no proper translation invariant subspaces
  • J. J. Benedetto -- Gabor representations and wavelets
  • R. C. Blei -- Measurements of interdependencies of stochastic increments
  • Y. Domar -- Translation-invariant subspaces of weighted \(L^p\)
  • S. W. Drury -- A survey of \(k\)-plane transforms
  • R. C. Blei and J. F. Fournier -- Mixed-norm conditions and Lorentz norms
  • C. C. Graham -- Summary of some results on \(L^p\)-improving measures
  • H. Hedenmalm -- On the \(f\)- and \(K\)-properties of certain function spaces
  • H. P. Heinig and G. J. Sinnamon -- Laplace representation of functions in mixed weighted Bergman
  • S. Kilmer -- Equivalence of Riesz products
  • T. W. Körner -- Universal trigonometric series with rapidly decreasing coefficients
  • W. C. Lang -- A hypergroup measure algebra that admits no analogue of the structure theorem of J. L. Taylor
  • C. C. Graham, A. T.-M. Lau, and M. Leinert -- Continuity of translation and separable invariant subspaces of Banach spaces associated to locally compact groups
  • Y.-Z. Chen and K.-S. Lau -- Harmonic analysis on functions with bounded means
  • O. C. McGehee -- Gaussian sums and harmonic analysis on finite fields
  • J.-F. Méla -- Quasi-invariant measures and Fourier properties
  • L. T. Ramsey -- Stability of (deterministic) adaptive auto-regressive filters
  • S. Saeki -- Some applications of Khintchin's inequalities
  • E. Sato -- Certain measures on locally compact abelian groups
  • R. Vrem -- Torsion and torsion-free hypergroups
  • C. R. Warner -- Weak \(S\)-sets and Helson sets
  • Y. Weit -- An asymptotic characterization of harmonic functions
  • J. M. Wilson -- Weighted inequalities for the square function
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