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Cyclic Cohomology and Noncommutative Geometry
Edited by: Joachim J. R. Cuntz, University of Heidelberg, Germany, and Masoud Khalkhali, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada
A co-publication of the AMS and Fields Institute.

Fields Institute Communications
1997; 189 pp; hardcover
Volume: 17
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1998
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0823-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0823-8
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Noncommutative geometry is a new field that is among the great challenges of present-day mathematics. Its methods allow one to treat noncommutative algebras--such as algebras of pseudodifferential operators, group algebras, or algebras arising from quantum field theory--on the same footing as commutative algebras, that is, as spaces. Applications range over many fields of mathematics and mathematical physics.

This volume contains the proceedings of the workshop on "Cyclic Cohomology and Noncommutative Geometry" held at The Fields Institute (Waterloo, ON) in June 1995. The workshop was part of the program for the special year on operator algebras and its applications.


  • Contributions by originators of the subject who are leaders in the field.
  • Survey articles not previously available.
  • Expository articles geared toward the larger mathematical community.

Titles in this series are co-published with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).


Graduate students, research mathematicians and physicists interested in cyclic cohomology, noncommutative geometry, and their applications.

Table of Contents

  • P. N. Alwis -- Asymptotic morphisms on contact manifolds and index theory
  • A. Connes -- Noncommutative differential geometry and the structure of space time
  • J. Cuntz -- Excision in periodic cyclic theory for topological algebras
  • J. F. Jardine -- A closed model structure for differential graded algebras
  • M. Karoubi -- Sur la K-théorie multiplicative
  • M. Khalkhali -- A survey of entire cyclic cohomology
  • J.-L. Loday -- Overview on Leibniz algebras, dialgebras and their homology
  • H. Moscovici and F.-B. Wu -- Straight Chern character for Witt spaces
  • V. Nistor -- Super-connections and non-commutative geometry
  • J. Phillips -- Spectral flow in type I and II factors--A new approach
  • M. Puschnigg -- A survey of asymptotic cyclic cohomology
  • F.-B. Wu -- The higher \(\Gamma\)-index for coverings of manifolds with boundaries
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