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Lectures on Quantum Mechanics
Ashok Das, University of Rochester, NY
A publication of Hindustan Book Agency.
Hindustan Book Agency
2003; 528 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 81-85931-41-0
ISBN-13: 978-81-85931-41-8
List Price: US$55
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These are the lecture notes from a two-semester graduate course and a two-semester undergraduate course taught by the author. The lectures are arranged in a logical manner and reflect the informality of the classroom.

Each topic is explained with several examples so that the ideas develop naturally, which is immensely helpful to students. The book is self-contained; most of the steps in the development of the subject are derived in detail and integrals are either evaluated or listed when needed. The motivated student can work through the notes independently and without difficulty.

The book is suitable for graduate students in mathematics or advanced undergraduates in physics interested in an introduction to quantum mechanics.

A publication of Hindustan Book Agency; distributed within the Americas by the American Mathematical Society. Maximum discount of 20% for all commercial channels.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in quantum theory.

Table of Contents

  • Review of classical mechanics
  • Review of essential mathematics
  • Basics of quantum mechanics
  • Simple applications of Schrodinger equation
  • Harmonic oscillator
  • Symmetries and their consequences
  • Angular momentum
  • Schrodinger equation in higher dimensions
  • Hydrogen atom
  • Approximate methods
  • WKB approximation
  • Stationary perturbation theory
  • Time dependent perturbation theory
  • Spin
  • Scattering theory
  • Relativistic one particle equations
  • Path integral quantum mechanics
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