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Complex Analysis
Edited by: Klas Diederich, University of Wuppertal, Germany
A publication of Vieweg+Teubner.
Vieweg Aspects of Mathematics
1991; 341 pp; hardcover
Volume: 17
ISBN-10: 3-528-06413-7
ISBN-13: 978-3-528-06413-6
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Member Price: US$57.60
Order Code: VWAM/17
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This volume contains the Proceedings of the International Workshop "Complex Analysis", which was held February 12-16, 1990, in Wuppertal (Germany) in honour of H. Grauert, one of the most creative mathematicians in Complex Analysis of this century. In accordance with the scope of the work of Grauert, the book contains research notes and longer articles of many important mathematicians from all areas of Complex Analysis (altogether there are 49 articles in the volume). Some of the main subjects are: Cauchy-Riemann Equations with estimates, q-convexity, CR structures, deformation theory, envelopes of holomorphy, function algebras, complex group actions, Hodge theory, instantons, Kähler geometry, Lefschetz theorems, holomorphic mappings, Nevanlinna theory, complex singularities, twistor theory, and uniformization.

A publication of Vieweg+Teubner. The AMS is exclusive distributor in North America. Vieweg+Teubner Publications are available worldwide from the AMS outside of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan.


Table of Contents

  • L. Alessandrini and G. Bassanelli -- Smooth proper modifications of compact Kähler manifolds
  • E. Amar -- \(L^p\)-estimates for \(\bar\partial\) in C
  • V. Ancona and G. Ottaviani -- Canonical resolutions in sheaves on Schubert and Brieskorn varieties
  • D. Bartlet -- La forme hermitienne canonique pour une singularité presque isolée
  • D. E. Barrett and B. A. Taylor -- A generalized cousin problem for subvarieties of the bidisk
  • P. de Bartolomeis and L. Migliorini -- Scalar curvature and twistor geometry
  • B. Berndtsson -- Some remarks on weighted estimates for \(\bar\partial\)
  • J. Bland and T. Duchamp -- Circular models and normal forms for convex domains
  • A. Bonami -- \(L^p\)-estimates with loss for the Bergman-projection and the canonical solution to \(\bar\partial\)
  • T. Bouché -- Distortion function and the heat kernel of a positive line bundle
  • F. Campana -- Twistor spaces and non-hyperbolicity of certain symplectic Kähler manifolds
  • E. C. Tarabusi and S. Trapani -- Envelopes of holomorphy of domains in \(C^n\)
  • U. Cegrell -- Representing measures in the spectrum of \(H^{\infty}(\Omega)\)
  • J. Chaumat and A.-M. Chollet -- Estimées \(C^{k, \alpha}\) pour l'equation \(\bar\partial=f\) dans les convexes
  • M. Colţoiu -- Local hyperconvexity and local hyperconcavity
  • M. Derridj -- Domaines à estimation maximale
  • G. Dethloff -- Deformation of compact Rieman surfaces with distinguished points
  • K. Diederich and G. Herbort -- Local extension of holomorphic \(L^2\)-functions with weights
  • A. A. Fadlalla -- On the boundary behavior of the Caratheodory and Kobayashi distances in strongly pseudoconvex domains in \(C^n\)
  • K. Fritzsche -- Zur klassifikation der 1-konvexen komplexen Räume
  • I. Graham -- Holomorphic mappings into convex domains
  • P. Greiner -- On second order hypoelliptic differential operators and the \(\bar\partial\)-Neumann problem
  • Z. Hajto -- Equisingularity of analytically constructible sets
  • M. Hickel -- Fonction de Artin d'un germe d'espace analytique
  • A. Iordan -- Local peaks sets and maximum modulus sets in products of strictly pseudoconvex domains
  • L. Kaup and K.-H. Fieseler -- Hyperbolic \(C^*\)-actions on affine surfaces
  • A. Kodama -- On complex manifolds exhausted by biholomorphic images of generalized complex ellipsoids \(E(n; n_1, \dots, n_s; p_1, \dots, p_s)\)
  • S. Kosarew -- The hard Lefschetz theorem for concave and convex algebraic manifolds
  • Ch. Laurent-Thiebaut -- Sur la résolution des équations de Cauchy-Riemann tangentielles pour les formes à support compact dans les variétes
  • L. Lempert -- Imbedding pseudohermitian manifolds into a sphere
  • K. Miyajima -- Deformations of strongly pseudo-convex CR structures and deformations of normal isolated singularities
  • A. M. Nadel -- The behavior of multiplier ideal sheaves under morphisms
  • J. D. McNeal -- Local geometry of decoupled pseudoconvex domains
  • T. Ohsawa -- A vanishing theorem on Kähler manifolds with certain stratified structures
  • Th. Peternell -- Hodge-Kohomologie und steinsche mannigfaltigkeiten
  • J. C. Polking -- The Cauchy-Riemann equations in convex domains
  • R. M. Range -- Integral kernels and Hölder estimates for \(\bar\partial\) on pseudoconvex domains of finite type on \(C^2\)
  • R. Remmert -- Complex analysis in the golden fifties
  • W. Schwarz -- On \(q\)-convex exhaustion functions of complements of CR-submanifolds
  • S. Shimizu -- A characterization of homogeneous bounded domains
  • J. Siciak -- Singular sets of separately analytic functions
  • Y.-T. Siu -- Some recent results related to the uniformization problem in several complex variables
  • K. Spallek -- Product decomposition of non-reduced space germs
  • H. Stieber -- Modular subgerms and the isomorphism problem in deformation theory
  • K. Takegoshi -- A new method to introduce a-priori estimates for the \(\bar\partial\)-Neumann problem
  • M. Derridj and D. S. Tartakoff -- Maximal and semi-maximal estimates for \(\bar\partial_b\) on pseudoconvex manifolds
  • M. Manuyama and G. Trautmann -- Degenerations of instantons
  • P. M. Wong -- Second main theorems in number theory and Nevanlinna theory
  • T. Wurzbacher -- Symplectic techniques in holomorphic group actions
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