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Automorphic Forms, Automorphic Representations, and Arithmetic
Edited by: Robert S. Doran, Ze-Li Dou, and George T. Gilbert, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics
1999; 608 pp; hardcover
Volume: 66
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0659-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0659-3
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Professor Goro Shimura was principal speaker at the conference on "Euler Products and Eisenstein Series" held at Texas Christian University (See CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics, Volume 93). The present volume contains articles by leading specialists in the field. Some of these articles are based on talks given at the conference, whereas others were written purposely for this volume. The variety of the work presented reflects the current active state of the topic.


Graduate students and research mathematicians working in automorphic forms, representation theory, and related fields.

Table of Contents

  • D. Blasius and M. Borovoi -- On period torsors
  • A. W. Bluher -- Near holomorphy, arithmeticity, and the theta correspondence
  • R. Coleman, B. Kaskel, and K. A. Ribet -- Torsion points on \(X_0(N)\)
  • P. Feit -- A fundamental group for symbolic dynamics. I: Definitions
  • E. Ghate -- Critical values of twisted tensor \(L\)-functions over CM-fields
  • D. Goldfeld -- Zeta functions formed with modular symbols
  • H. Hida -- Non-critical values of adjoint \(L\)-functions for SL(2)
  • M. R. Murty -- Bounds for congruence primes
  • V. K. Murty -- Frobenius distributions and Galois representations
  • K. Rubin and A. Silverberg -- Mod 6 representations of elliptic curves
  • H. Yoshida -- On absolute CM-periods
  • D. Bump and S. Friedberg -- Metaplectic generating functions and Shimura integrals
  • B. Casselman -- On the Plancherel measure for the continuous spectrum of the modular group
  • D. Farmer, J. Hoffstein, and D. Lieman -- Average values of cubic \(L\)-series
  • P. Garrett -- Euler factorization of global integrals
  • M. Harris -- Cohomological automorphic forms on unitary groups. I: Rationality of the theta correspondence
  • B. E. Heim -- Pullbacks of Eisenstein series, Hecke-Jacobi theory and automorphic \(L\)-functions
  • J. Hoffstein and P. Lockhart -- Omega results for automorphic \(L\)-functions
  • K. Khuri-Makdisi -- Representations of SL(2) x \(G\)
  • J. Levy -- Truncated integrals and the Shintani zeta function for the space of binary quartic forms
  • W. Luo, Z. Rudnick, and P. Sarnak -- On the generalized Ramanujan conjecture for GL(\(n\))
  • D. Prasad and D. Ramakrishnan -- On the global root numbers of GL(\(n\)) x GL(\(m\))
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