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Mathematical Analysis, Wavelets, and Signal Processing
Edited by: Mourad E. H. Ismail, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, M. Zuhair Nashed, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, Ahmed I. Zayed, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, and Ahmed F. Ghaleb, Cairo University, Egypt

Contemporary Mathematics
1995; 354 pp; softcover
Volume: 190
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0384-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0384-4
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This book contains the proceedings of an international conference held in Cairo, Egypt (January 1994). This glorious ancient city was the gathering place for mathematicians and engineers to exchange ideas and to discuss new research trends.

Mathematics and engineering discoveries, such as wavelets, multiresolution analysis, and subband coding schemes, caused rapid advancements in signal processing, necessitating an interdisciplinary approach.

Contributors to this conference demonstrated that some traditional areas of mathematical analysis--sampling theory, approximation theory, and orthogonal polynomials--have proven extremely useful in solving various signal processing problems.

Features P. L. Butzer on ...

Mathematics in Egypt and Its Connections with the Court School of Charlemagne

With several articles discussing the most recent advances and new trends in mathematical analysis and signal processing, this book emphasizes interactions between mathematics and electrical engineering.


Mathematicians, engineers and graduate students in mathematics.

Table of Contents

  • P. L. Butzer -- Mathematics in Egypt and its connections with the Court School of Charlemagne
  • R. J. Nessel -- Towards a survey of Paul Butzer's contributions to approximation theory
  • P. L. Butzer and A. Gessinger -- Ergodic theorems for semigroups and cosine operator functions at zero and infinity with rates and applications to partial differential equations. A survey
  • C. Bardaro and G. Vinti -- Modular estimates and modular convergence for linear integral operators
  • J. A. Donaldson and D. A. Williams III -- An abstract two-point boundary value problem
  • G. Gasper and W. Trebels -- A Riemann-Lebesgue lemma for Jacobi expansions
  • Y. M. Gordon and A. I. Zayed -- Centroids: Fast Fourier transform versus wavelets
  • M. Hauss -- Rapidly converging series representations for zeta-type functions
  • J. R. Higgins -- Sampling for multi-band functions
  • M. E. H. Ismail -- Askey-Wilson operators
  • A. J. Jerri -- Reducing the Gibbs phenomenon in a Fourier-Bessel series, Hankel and Fourier transforms
  • N. Kirchhoff and R. J. Nessel -- Divergence almost everywhere of a pointwise comparison between convolution processes and their discrete analogues
  • M. A. Kon and L. A. Raphael -- Generalized multiresolution analysis and convergence of spline approximations on \(\mathbb R^d\)
  • M. Z. Nashed and G. G. Walter -- Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces from sampling expansions
  • F. Stenger -- Sinc convolution--A tool for circumventing some limitations of classical signal processing
  • M. Zwaan -- Bounds for the aliasing error in nonuniform sinc interpolation
  • R. Al-Jarrah and S. Ali -- The SUP norm of a weighted polynomial: Alternative proof
  • T. I. Haweel and AM. Alhasan -- A simplified square wave transform for signal processing
  • K. A. Kamel, T. A. El-Sadany, and A. H. Desoky -- The use of attributed automaton in the recognition of handwritten numerals
  • T. H. Koornwinder -- Jacobi polynomials of type \(BC\), Jack polynomials, limit transitions and \(O(\infty )\)
  • D. R. Masson -- The last of the hypergeometric continued fractions
  • A. E. Mohamed, M. A. Bahie-Eldin, and S. T. Soliman -- Processing of FSK/FH signals with unknown code
  • H. Ogawa and N.-E. Berrached -- A theory of extended pseudo-biorthogonal bases and its application to generalized sampling theorem
  • T. Strohmer -- On discrete band-limited signal extrapolation
  • V. A. Zheludev -- Periodic splines and wavelets
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