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Cell Biology
Edited by: Byron Goldstein and Carla Wofsy

Lectures on Mathematics in the Life Sciences
1994; 135 pp; softcover
Volume: 24
ISBN-10: 0-8218-1175-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-1175-7
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As the techniques of modern molecular biology continue to revolutionize experimental design in cell biology, mathematical modeling and analysis become increasingly necessary and feasible. The papers in this collection expand on invited lectures presented at the Symposium on Some Mathematical Questions in Biology: Cell Biology, held in November 1992 in Denver, Colorado. The work reviewed in the papers demonstrates the power of combining mathematics and experiment to study a number of cell processes, including: protein transport in nerve axons, formation of transport vesicles at the Golgi, molecular motion in cell membranes, cell adhesion, \(T\) lymphocyte activation, and cellular responses to receptor aggregation. The volume is an important contribution to the literature, as it introduces mathematicians to a growing application area and cell biologists to new tools and results. The individual articles can be used as readings in a course on mathematical modeling.

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Research-level mathematical biologists (including mathematicians, physicists, and engineers) and cell biologists.

Table of Contents

  • M. C. Reed and J. J. Blum -- Mathematical questions in axonal transport
  • E. Odell and G. Oster -- Curvature segregation of proteins in the Golgi
  • E. L. Elson and H. Qian -- Measurements of molecular transport in small systems
  • M. Dembo -- On peeling an adherent cell from a surface
  • J. J. Linderman, N. G. Berry, and D. F. Singer -- Toward quantifying the activation of helper \(T\) lymphocytes by antigen presenting cells
  • B. Goldstein and C. Wofsy -- Aggregation of cell surface receptors
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